Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Real Estate in Jalisco

"Mike echo oscar whisky!" The Alleycat spent the weekend of January 7, 2017 reading the Mexican government websites, and the tweets of those who lead the USA and Mexico. The media continues to feed people FEAR about living in Mexico.  With the new president of the USA tweeting who will pay for the proposed fence/wall between borders, and the current president of Mexico hiking gas prices,
the world is rattling!  Good News is that I confirmed with a local attorney (800 pesos) that NO law is on the books! Also after five years of living in Mexico as a permanent resident, an expat can apply for a Mexican citizenship.  This would completely disallow any future law or RUMOR of a law that the Mexican government could confiscate the property of a USA expat. Truth is, we who believe in the King of Kings, Jesus Christ, we stand firm in His protection and plans for us here in Mexico.  I respond to all rumors with research and wisdom gleaned from the Holy Bible.  COPY, and OVER and come on out to visit us in San Nicolas, Chapala, Jalisco.

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