Friday, March 2, 2018

Real Estate in Jalisco

Get yourself a good realtor! Shop for what you want; one story, small 2 bedroom, or room for guests. After owning here for 10 years, people who come visit like staying at S.F. Hotel in Chapala.  They have freedom to walk about, check things out without a car. There is so much to see, hire a realtor to drive you about like I did. Ask questions, and figure out what section of the Lake you prefer.  From West to South of the lake: Jocotopec, San Juan Cosala, Ajijic, La Floresta, Walmart, San Antonio, Chula Vista, Mirasol, Chapala.  Our first home was in Chapala and we felt totally safe, however, there is a fiesta quite regularly into the wee hours of the morning so in January 2017 we moved just 5 miles outside Chapala towards Mezcala in a little pueblo named San Nicolas.  We are around the corner from Vista Del Lago Country Estates which are fabulous homes around a 9 hole golf course.  For just 500 pesos annually you can become a social member and enjoy the monthly dinner parties with entertainment. It is quieter living along side the lake in San Nicolas de Ibarra. Just remember this is Mexico and we are guests. The happy folks here will throw a Fiesta to celebrate
anything and everything. It is just a 5 minute ride, on a good road to the park in Chapala to walk our dog, and it is 8 miles to shop at Soriano for groceries.  The fitness center I joined is in Mirasol "Fit for Life" and they have a "Curves" circuit of equipment that I can easily manage three times a week.  There are a number of fantastic cafe's nearby.  A few places that we frequent are in San Antonio.  Panino's, Adelita's, and the new cafe just across the street from Panino's.  There is also access to a malecon in San Antonio to walk your dog.  Our dog Rags was adopted from the Lucky Dog Shelter and he has since attended obedience and agility school.  The mayor of Chapala has done an excellent job by increasing safety A recent Sermon by Pastor Ken Armstrong and his lovely bride Dawn and I are organizing a fun female group at Lakeside called the The Bodacious Babes in Christ.  We love living in Mexico and the real estate taxes and cost of living make it affordable enough that a person has money to give back and to travel.  View the video and the pictures posted on this link An Expat Blogs.
and tourism around Lake Chapala.  Our annual cost to maintain our home in San Nicolas, which includes property taxes, the water bill, insurance, renewing annual tags on both cars is a whopping $560.00 USD annually.  Besides the affordability, we love the culture, the people, the various service opportunities, and the fellowship at Little Chapel in Mirasol. I actually found the place I originally purchased online in the USA. We sold it in 2017 and found the next home in one of the many Real Estate for sale magazines that are here at Lakeside.  Enjoy the adventure.  Check this site for Health Insurance options, and recommended restaurants on the links provided on the right.  Hasta Luego!

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