Friday, July 30, 2010


DESTINATION: Guadalajara (GDL)
Mexicana out of Business August 2010
VOLARIS out of San Jose $230.00 USD roundtrip
VOLARIS out of La Paz $90.00 USD roundtrip
NONSTOP trip time 3 hours 40 min from SAC
LUSH greens, blue WATERS and the SOUND OF BIRDS!
With the blessing of furloughs and black Fridays at the City, numerous occasions will allow this BIRD to spread her colorful wings and fly to Ajijic to visit new friends! One charming Bed & Breakfast is featured in this blog post for friends to get the FEEL. Ajijic is situated on a narrow strip of land between the mountains to the north of Lake Chapala. It is surrounded by the San Antonio Tlayacapan mountains to the east and San Juan Cosala grand sierra to the west. It is 4 miles west of Chapala. Its average annual temperature is "68" degrees. The Inn Keepers of Los Artistas B & B, Kent and Linda are great hosts who speak English. Due to Ajijic's tropical latitude, the sun is warm year round; due to its relatively high elevation, it is seldom hot or humid. The rainy season begins in June and lasts until October with an average rainfall of about 34 inches. Even during the rainy season, participation generally occurs during the evening or at night. December and January are the coolest months and May is the hottest. Overall, there is very little temperature variation year round: daytime highs in January are around 75 degrees; daytime highs in July are around 80 to 90 degrees which result in fantastic lush gardens and color! The perfect respite from the bhussle and bustle of traffic, news, telephones and the hectic pace of the USA. This B & B in Ajijic is close to transport, grocery, and many delicious restaurants. The breakfast served in the morning is substantial, and usually offers a hot dish, as well as fresh fruits, juices, toasts, coffee. A double bed for a single nite is $68 USD. A trip to explore the location of my ideal SHANGRILA for my style of retirement. For my remaining 30 years I shall enjoy and entertain among a group of like minded expats and locals in a casual jungle style while enjoying 75 degree temps year round. Kayaking the lake, exploring the surrounding historic villages and writing my book. On Wednesdays, the local market is only two blocks from this B & B. This location is quite convenient, even without a car, as the local bus lines run a block away. A bus trip into Chapala is only .25 cents USA. Explore AJIJIC, dazzle about the peeps found in town square, listen to the Mariachi's, focus on the inhabitants, your dreams, and SQUEAL!
TRAVEL arrangements to Los Artistas B & B
CLICK ON THE LINK on the right
Constitution #105
45920 Ajijic, JA
Phone: +52 (376) 7 66 1027

Thursday, July 29, 2010


MY awesome CO-WORKERS suggested today that in lieu of KEYS for CASH for a week in Lake Chapala, that my friends would be delighted to shop locally and purchase decorator items for the Casa De La Luz. Kinda like a bridal registry, but a NEW CASA registry, where the guest will have a quest while visiting Lake Chapala. Items needed can be found at Walmart in Lake Chapala, or from COSTCO in Guadalajara. Mexican style furnishings which will be enjoyed for years by family and friends that come to linger around the lake. Sojourners may choose to enjoy a three hour luxury ETN bus ride from Lake Chapala to a popular Puerto Vallarta beach for the day too! Each gift will remind Barbarito of her treasured USA Chicas! Light, love and JOY to all who wish to come and make themselves at home in a shared Hacienda of LIGHT. Blow up beds will be available until more luxury is afforded. Lounge in a leather chair near the fountain while sipping a margarita ~ MUCHO BUENO! Esquela for Spanish available by the MAGNIFICO locals! English said with a smile works!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The band Los Tigres del Norte return to Guad to fill the Telmex stadium with over 30,000 fans. They are known as the leading voice of the immigrant and are also named the “voice of the pueblo”. They are real musical storytellers. Last year the song "La Granja" (the farm) sparked controversy because the lyrics criticized the Mexican government’s handling of the drug war. Their 1996 song
“El Circo” compared the Mexican political elite to a circus, and was banned from many radio stations. The lead vocalist Hernandez told the LA TIMES “La Granja is a fable. The song speaks of all the problems in Mexico, through a fable with little animals. We wanted to deal with the problems our government has – narcotics trafficking, the violence — what we already know and live. There is nothing to offend anyone, it is simply a representation of what is happening to us. We always sing what the people want to hear, and what the people are living.” Los Tigres has never apologized for their narco-themed songs and instead insist that they are part of a reality. The public decides which songs they like. When Los Tigres were told they were not allowed to play "La Granja" it was okay for they know that old and young Mexicans sing out Los Tigres lyrics whether they like them or not. It’s the same with English lyrics. Sometimes folks don’t know the meaning of the words, but they sing along anyway.
“Concert for two guitars and Orchestra.” Two of Mexico's symphonic guitarists are Israel Vazquez and Maurico Diaz. Beetoven in Guad for Summer 2010 Series. Mucho music talent and diversity in Guad, just 30 minutes away from the Lake. The whimsy graphics that promoted “Los Beatles Sinfónico,” on with a photoshop cover mimicking the Beatles’ 1969 album “Abbey Road,” the songs to be played span all of the Fab Four’s career, including the beloved John Lennon solo song “Imagine” as a no-doubt emotional finale. Everybody has their favorite Beatles style, whether in early hits such as “All My Loving,” in the poignant love ballads such as “Michelle,” “Here, There and Everywhere,” “Something” and “Yesterday,” in the genre-busting hits such as “Penny Lane,” “Here Comes the Sun” and “Eleanor Rigby” or in the hard rocking pieces like “Back in the U.S.S.R.” and “Golden Slumbers.” The group
“Los Beatles Sinfónico,” plays in GUAD summer 2010. Tickets 200 to 350 pesos. Discounts of 50 % for seniors! VIVA LA MEXICO MUSICA - Plenty of good concerts ahead!