Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hormone Therapy

Dr Juan Aceves in Ajijic is a microbiologist who speaks English.  Dr Aceves can help women who have night sweats, the inability to sleep, hair loss, mood swings and memory loss.  If a woman is low in testosterone it could be the cause of her inability to lose weight! After your first visit he will have you get a blood test to measure your testosterone and estrogen levels. I have had three pellet implants since living at Lakeside. Dr Aceves is assisted by a nurse while inserting the pellet which takes about 10 minutes in his office. Four of my friends have also raved about the improvement of their sleep and their moods.  The use of this hormone replacement therapy has been around since the late 1930's.  For years I used oral hormone pills, and I have also used the patch, however, because cancer runs in my family I stopped all forms and just suffered with insomnia and mood swings. After your initial visit, Dr Aceves will order a blood test so that he can order a customized hormone pellet that suits your symptoms.  The cost is 5,000 pesos and because of having had a complete hysterectomy, my body no longer produces any hormones so I require a pellet every 6 months and for me and my husband, IT IS WORTH every cent.  CLICK into his website: Dr Juan Aceves

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  1. In addition to HRT, you can do a full anti-aging protocol here at lakeside. For detailed information see the Anti-aging page under Services on