Monday, January 19, 2009


DO NOT PANIC ABOUT YOUR FUTURE! THIS DAY IS THE BEST EVER! THIS TIME IS THE BEST EVER! Do not worry that ye won’t get what ye want -- or that ye will lose what ye have, whether it is a job, a mate, respect or serenity! Look in the mirror and laugh! Knowing the truth, ye can establish personal peace with a smiling heart as the JOY abiding deep within ye has nothing to do with accomplishment, acceptance of others or money! Halleluiah! Prepare yourself, with dreams, dress up in duds that shift a serious thought to a new funny way of perceiving! The state of the world economy has never been in a better place to allow people to grow emotionally and spiritually. The world has never been in a better place for people to learn how to love themselves and others more. The world has never done so much to teach us that our reality is only an illusion and we can change it anytime that we want. By changing how ye think, see and perceive, the calm reaction shall bless those who fret. A deep and profound joy about thy experiences in the past and in the future, a small shift in attitude and perspective doth deliver happiness regardless of circumstance! No matter what is happening THINK this truth: “This is the best ever!” A great metaphor for the differences in how people think was found in the humor of "The Cat and Dog Diaries" Day 1034 of Cat captivity. I almost succeeded in injuring my captor today by cleverly circling his feet as he walked down the stairs. He tripped and was seriously hurt but does not suspect I was trying to cripple him so that I could flee. My freedom was so close! He is such an idiot…” The Dog’s diary read: "My master came home after being gone for two days. It was the best ever! He gave me some canned dog food while he ate steak. It was the best ever! We went for a walk for the first time in a week. It was the best ever!” We can react to life’s experiences as a kitty victim or in doggie gratitude. We can view life as a series of cat calamities or a series of puppy blessings. When a flood of bad news comes, get your flippers on! The only difference in a disaster and a miracle is the person perceiving it. We view experiences as good or bad. They are neither. Experiences are neutral, how we perceive them makes them good or bad. The truth is that there is no difference between good or bad, only how our ego perceives our experiences. Make a dog difference in someone's life today and wag your tain in glee, no matter the circumstance! The greatest cause of suffering is our desire that our life be different. We don’t like what we have; the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. The problem is that if we are trapped into a thinking pattern that we don’t like what we have, we will be frustrated, feeling captured by whassup, stuck in sorrow? Your choice to be like a cat trained to meow and whine about captivity....Or we can choose to think like a loving, loyal dog that “this is the best ever,” and as we smile and wag our tails, we will always be living with an attitude of gratitude, no matter what we have. The reason panic sets in when we think we are miserable is because it is a physio reaction to perceived threat. When we feel threatened because we are not getting what we want when we want it, we stop breathing. When we stop inhaling, the brain begins to behave differently than when we breathe properly.When oxygen ceases to flow to the brain, the frontal lobe/cerebral cortex stops functioning. This is the center for reasoning and rational thought. When it shuts down, we start using the rear of the brain, the animal response center, otherwise known as the reptilian brain. There are only two responses available, fight or flight. That is why anger or fear arises when we think thoughts of victim consciousness. The solution for this is to breathe. When we inject oxygen back into our brain, our reasoning center turns back on and we can realize we have panicked over something that is not real. We can then consciously choose whether to be a victim or recognize the situation for the opportunity for happiness it brings. If we lose our job, we can either be a victim, like the metaphorical cat, or we can say “this is the best ever,” like the metaphorical dog. We can lie down and die or recognize that we have the opportunity to do something else for a living. Another way to look at panic, anxiety or worry is to understand that it is our reaction to behavior contrary to our basic programming. We are born with certain instinctive traits sociologists can document through studies of small children. It is our natural instinct to share, to help others, and to play. When we get away from these behaviors, we have a built in alarm system that informs us that we have strayed from our basic programming. This alarm system takes the form of anxiety, worry and fear. So when you feel these feelings, simply understand that you are acting contrary to your human programming. When you COME IN CONTACT with an angry, worried cat, walk away, wag your tail, look for someone to play catch a happy thought with! Just like when your computer reacts contrary to it’s programming, you get a large “ERROR” message....anxiety and fear is a programmed response that you can choose to WALK away from! When we feel like a victim or life is unfair, this is a message that we have to get back to our basic programming, which is to share, help others and play. When we do this the anxiety program will stop and we can get back to a happy life. So relax, no one gets out of here alive. How we live our lives determines how we live after we transition to our next experience. Do you want to go out as a victim or as someone who enjoyed their life no matter what? It makes a difference, not only in this life but also in our life after death. So remember, if you get what you want, “this is the best ever!” If you don’t get what you want, “this is the best ever!” It is a dogs life, BE HAPPY!


  1. Barbara,you are so special and I do appreciate your prayers and kind words,I don't seem to have a moment for myself any more,we have visiting nurses,therapists etc coming in almost every day plus a Dr.visit this week,I think I told you that Bills vision was impaired during surgery(most likely due to a stroke)so this is another major concern.
    I can't wait to see you and hear about your new home(casa)in Mexico and to talk about what you have been doing.I enjoy hearing about fun things since I lead such a dull life anymore. Take care, be happy and I will try to call or see you soon.I Love YOU, Evelyn

  2. Oh Evelyn, it was good to hear your voice on the phone today. Saving your words herein, is saving a treasured relationship to me. You are special to God and to me. AMEN