Saturday, September 19, 2015

Jalisco Governor Visits

In 2013 Aristoteles Sandoval was elected as the Governor of the State of Jalisco.  The current Mexico constitution indicates a term of 6 years in length, so his term will end in 2019.  To qualify to become governor one must be a Mexican citizen by birth, be at least 30 years of age, and a resident of Jalisco for at least 5 years prior to election.  On January 22, 2016 Chapala made history as
the Governor of Jalisco came to speak to the people.  The air was electric with anticpation and hundreds of citzens flanked the newly renovated town square.  Governor Sandoval was very impressed with the grand improvements that City Hall and the Cultural Historical Society had made.  In the early 1900's Chapala was a resort that the President of Mexico favored.  VIVA
Governor with Gloria Perales Jan 22, 2016
Chapala was at a fever pitch as the Governor spoke.  The Mariachi band was playing Jalisco while the Governor cut up a huge cake donated by the American Legion Post #7.  Baloons of gratitude were released into the heavens as the new artistic sign
CHAPALA glistened in the sun.  The Mayor of Chapala, Javier Degollado is a friend of the Governor and the citizens of Chapala will continue to be blessed by their honorable relationship.  Recently the State of Jalisco announced that it has
Governor and Mayor - Jan 22, 2016
budgeted funds to clean up the Liria in the Lake and City Council passed an ordinance to stop the practice of handing out flyers at traffic intersections.  Beginning January 18, 2016 posting flyers on garage doors, railings or private
homes or businesses is no longer lawful.  Fines range from 97-194 pesos for each illegal flyer distributed. This clean up ordinance will be enforced as a necessary step for Chapala to recieve the designation and funding as a Pueblo Magico. In October 2015 the Mayor appointed Gloria Perales as the new bilingual liason for local expats in Chapala.  She can be reached for an appointment through the City Hall switch board or by her business email:  Her energetic personality is
perfect for public relations between the increasing flock of snow birds arriving from the USA and Canada.  Marcos Castellanos, the artist who designed the new "Fishermen Fountain" now works for the City of Chapala.  Marcos personally translated the Governor's message for me.  Governor
Sandoval promised to procure the necessary State funds to finish the work Chapala needs to be approved as a Pueblo Magico.  It may take until 2018 to remove the excessive sinage along Ignacio Madera, place electrical wiring underground, relocate the vendors, and complete some needed road work.  The Gonzalez Gallo Cultural Center, the old Gran
Hotel, the Hotel Nido and the Braniff House all contribute to the rich historical significance of Chapala. Good news after great news!  Kathy Kristof is an award-winning financial journalist and the author of "Investing 101".  She is also the host of Money Watch on CBS in America.  On April 9, 2014 Kathy aired on CBS NEWS that Chapala was ranked #1 among the top 10 cities WORLDWIDE to retire on a budget.  Along with the City's efforts to attract more visitors, this news has certainly added to the influx of foreign traffic in Chapala.