Saturday, June 4, 2011


FLY into Guadalajara airport and Miguel picks you up and takes you 35 minutes into Chapala for a one night stay in Chapala at Barb's place. One way taxi ride from Guad Airport is $350 pesos or about $28 USA dollars. The next day Miguel will transport a car load of eager fishermen 3 hours away to Agua Milpa Lake or Nayarit. This river basin lake is a man made tributary, spanning a total of 65 breath taking miles. Gotta GO! Agua Milpa is surrounded by mountains up to 6,200 feet. Full of giant rocks, trees, bluffs, and creeks, this tributary is full of bass ranging in a consistent size from 2 to 6 pounds and some in the 10 + pound range. The lake opened in 1997 and has proved to be a major contender as one of the best bass lake
available to the American fishermen. The roundtrip taxi fare to Agua Milpa Lake is only $75.00 USA. Many happy fishermen have caught over 100 large mouth bass in two days from the Agua Milpa. A two night stay in a cabin surrounded by a lush forest with a boat, fishing guide and meals is about $225.00 USA dollars per person. Many USA fishermen have added this spot to their list of fishing favorites. When you are ready to depart Mexico - you must call Miguel to take you back to the airport as he maintains the keys to Barb's place in Chapala.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

La Casa de la Luz

The house of light is located about 6 blocks from Lake Chapala. All that has been gleened from surfing has been saved herein under HOT LINKS. On May 27, 2011 the Builder Michel joyfully greeted me and gave me the keys. Savoring all that my soul soars with; the people, the climate, and the central location of Villa Santa Paula! With over 300 pictures taken on this trip and then having them all erased thru the airport xray...again, I praise God for His ways! He has me trusting Him by faith and not sight. This is the master bedroom in which guests will rest and awaken to birds singing! It is now furnished with a matrimonial bed and a bit of local art. Arise and walk to the Lake and enjoy the vista of children laughing, fishermen casting their nets and great talks with the locals. Next door in unit #8 is Stan, a retiree from New Mexico. In Unit #9 you will find Jack and Albert from San Francisco/Puerta Vallarta. Unit #2 is Susan from Colorado and another grand casa was completed in 2010 on two lots for a mother and daughter! Villa Santa Paula, is a small gated sub-division of 11 lots. The masterbedroom is cheerfully painted with a slider to the half covered patio and waterfall! Click any photo to enlarge. The cocina and shiny new appliances are lit up by a sky light! The boveda ceiling in the living and dining area has a Mexican chandelier which drops down from inside a huge domed sky light. My delight will be to share this blessed casa with those that God puts in my path! WONDERS never cease! Lake Chapala was listed in 2010 as the #1 place for EXPATS to live in all of MEXICO! It is the largest lake in Mexico and it is surrounded with trees and a fascinating history of local Indians. After speaking with Jeff and Paul at their hacienda in Loreto Thanksgiving 2009, I was compelled from within to travel to Chapala for my Christmas furlough 2009. The depth, width and height of God's love and provision for me is absoulutely AMAZING! Adventuristas are welcome to stay and enjoy the bromide, the low tide, each encounter, every moment, a hike, a bike, a kayak, a pause, a leisure stroll through the cobbled streets of Chapala. Share your light and laughter, a happy smile all the while in Chapala, a spot of heaven! Barb and her son Jason - Easter 2010 on Meadow Lake in Stockton. I look forward to your pictures of Casa De La Luz!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


A day with Ben, Jill, Paul and Jeff on the Sea of Cortez! Noticing the gentle breeze, the sounds of birds, the sound of pelicans crashing into the aqua blue sea for a morsel of crab ----- I considered how blessed, how unspeakably lucky I am to be here with my brother Ben and Jill. Without words to contain my joy, describe my quiet time at the beach - I got up and walked northerly on the Malecon and saw the Alleycat bobbing with Ben happily painting the trim, my heart was la paz (peace) my soul was a sonrisa (smile) just to watch, smell, see, touch this one treasured moment. Around 2pm Ben took us in his truck to check on his FM3, and we picked up a couple of hitch-hiking workers while blazing down highway one towards the famous "Clam Shack" Vista Del Mar (view of the Sea) for lunch. A Dos Equis helped me endure watching Jill swallow wiggling clams as I ate my fileted jumbo shrimp while sitting in playa sillas (beach chairs) watching the fishermen bring in the afternoon menu. Inside a creative casa ~ a fourplex of open doored walls that welcomed the outdoors in. This inviting hacienda, home of Paul and Jeff and their "girls". Two black and white dogs, Tasha with whiskers - a Jack Russell Terrier , and Mancha with her spot - a Fox Terrier.- The girls were exhausted and lounging in every available chair after their day aboard the panga boat. PAUL'S DINNER MENU- skewered tequilla shrimp over the barbie, Indian yellow cauliflower and potatoes, with beef kabobs and peanut sauce! Paul made the greatest guacamole with garlic as Jeff baked a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Paul's sister Kathy and her husband Bob were there with their bambinos and grand-nina and nino. The veranda was alive with soft toned laughter, music, and great conversation round the wicker chair bedecked fireplace. Jeff gave me a magnifico tour and shared the many ongoing projects for their family plantation. Somehow it reminded me of scenes from "Out of Africa" but this was inside a protection of stone wall and tall, tall taco trees. A scenic delight from any direction - from within you can gaze upon a mosaic SUN inside the blue cooling pool, an enclosed outdoor toilet covered by palm frawns, a round of Aiderondack chairs that circle a bronze fire pit, and into the brilliance of a cocina (kitchen) that compelled you to join in the creation of culinary fascinations. A wonderland much like Gilligans Island improved with lots of color and Hermoso! Aging is valuable as it unfolds the meaning of such satisfied souls coming together with such generosity, humility and humor without envy. Paul and Jeff travel the world and as Jeff confessed they have been able to feed and assist many people. They entertain in Virginia City, Healdsberg, Canada and to my great tesoro - Loreto! Jeff wrinkled his nose and whispered "Will you join us on the cruise out ?" Si Si, Gracias! Wed night my brother Ben captained the Alleycat whilst Paul and Jeff surprised sister Kathy and Bob with a toast of champagne while we fa la la'd to the music as the sun settled down between the mountanyawns! Earlier on Tuesday I baked in the sun at Oasis beach. As a silent witness I fascinated over an elderly senorita undressing a pelican for dinner - children were flying a red baron kite, and I was reading "Tuesdays with Morrie" by Mitch Albom. "Everyone knows they are going to die, but knowbody believes it, if we learn how to anticipate and embrace the eventual, we learn how appreciate the day and live. I don't know what 'spiritual development' really means, but I do know that we are deficient in some way. We are too involved in material things, and they will never satisfy our basic need to be heard, to be known, to be valued for who we are. Notice the change in weather? Is the wind blowing? Am I tuning anybody out? Why wait till you are dying to take notice, you are dying right now, every day - you die a day, so notice nature with childlike wonder, make eye contact and listen to your loved ones, set aside the projects and touch people, share your time and you will be remembered for your kindness, not your stuff."
With my best Spanglish I can sing "The three hour tour, the three hour tour"...and take a siesta and dream about the gentle rocking, the breeze, the aqua swells, the pelicans gliding, dolphins dancing, seals waving, Daisy and Louie, romping ~ the waves ever healing ~ and my bro Benito smiling!