Sunday, February 1, 2015

Best B & B in Chapala

Oh my, oh my! Mucho gusto! Many of our local dog walking friends directed us to the "Q" a boutique hotel right off the malecon in central Chapala.  Officially named "Quintzalcoati" the "Q" offers glorious interior grounds with a cooling pool, lush tropical gardens and private balconies.  The peso cost per night for a couple is 800 pesos, and at our current exchange rate that is only $58.00 USA per night.  If you reserve a room for more than 8 days you receive a 10% discount.
Mike and I were given a tender private tour by the lovely Senora Margarita. Each room is mucho romantica.  The room we were shown has a walk in closet, and a small fridge for storing food items for longer stays. It is right off Zaragoza, right around the corner from the Hotel San Francisco, where a continental breakfast is served in a garden setting for only 55 pesos.  The "Q" a Deluxe Bed and Breakfast in Chapala
is only a short 8 block walk to our casa in Chapala. To plan a visit in the month of November, before Thanksgiving, you will enjoy not only our best weather, but many local events. Delight yourself in a stroll through the best Tiange (a private street fair of the very best artisans from Guad, Tonala, and surrounding villages). This major annual ART show is held at the Yacht Club. Also enjoy the colorful costumes and parade for the annual Fiesta for the Mexican Revolution!  Click links provided! Buen Provecho! "Feria Maestros del Arte" with Senora Donna.