Saturday, January 17, 2015


The best way and the fastest route to obtain your Permanent Resident GREEN CARD, or your temorary card in Mexico is to hire Spencer the attorney in Chapala.  You must begin the process at the Mexican Consulate office in the USA City nearest your home in the states. The USA Mexican Consulate will stamp your passport with a six months visa once they accept all documents that they require. Spencer will need your passport, and a copy of the expiring VISA from the airline you flew in on, or the VISA you obtained at the border driving in.  His fee is only 5500 pesos and his staff keeps you up to date via email throughout the process.  Many try to do it on their own, but found that they were always missing some piece of information.  Spencer's staff has a good reputation and has taken the time to develop relations at the Immigration office.  It is WORTH it to just pay Spencer and decrease certain hassles.
A link to Spencers website is found on the right under HOT LINKS. You will have to obtain pro photos taken at a specific place, Spencer will direct you. On the same day you pick up your GREEN CARD, sign the register at the Immigration office on Hidalgo and request a CURP card.  There is no fee, the CURP card is kind of like a social security card in Mexico and you will need it to obtain Mexican health insurance at either IMSS or SEGURO POPULAR and your senior discount card. Call Spencer and book your appointment: 331-592-3801 - His office is on Hidalgo, lakeside SEE first photo above.


  1. MEXICAN CONSULATE in your city will require: 3 bank statements. Current tax return. Investment (IRA) or (401K) statements. Marriage License. CALL the nearest office or go to their website to get list of documents you will need from the USA state you currently live in.

  2. SENIOR DISCOUNT CARD "DIF" can be obtained by providing the following:
    1) Blood Type (get blood test done and request)
    2) Passport photos (4)
    3) Passport
    4) CFE bill
    5) CURP card

    DIF cards get you a discount on the bus
    DIF cards get you a discount on trips hosted by LCS which is Lake Chapala Society in Ajijic

  3. I hope this message is going to Attorney Spencer I tried to call the phone number listed and it was not in service . I lived in Chapala 3 years ago for 6 months and I want to come back in April 2016 to stay but I need to speak to Attorney Spencer about this because my circumstances have changed since 3 years ago . My email is my phone number is U.S. 702 286 5260 I hope to hear back soon I'm sending this on Feb. 18 2016 Thank You Charles Donaldson

  4. Link to Spencer's website on the right side of this blog page. Best of luck. Barbara