Monday, January 1, 2018

Seguro Popular for ER

Any person can obtain health insurance in Mexico for an annual fee of $300 USA. The IMSS office for residents of Chapala is located across from old railway station, near Christiana park on
Gonzalez Gallo. It is best to use a local attorney to get through the (3) step application process. The IMSS hospital in Guad has the latest technology and equipment. The picture here is of the Seguro Popular office in Chapala, Seguro compares to county health care in the USA. For an emergency you can get care, but you will wait in long lines, and the Seguro hospitals are filled with stressed out, under paid doctors and nurses.
The ALTERNATIVE Health Insurance option for those who do not wish to pay the $300 annual premium for IMSS insurance is to apply for SEGURO POPULAR
whose office is shown in the first and 2nd pictures above. SEGURO compares to county health insurance in the USA. To apply for SEGURO you will need your passport, your CURP card, your GREEN card, and a CFE bill in your name with your address on it.  Once you receive your Seguro Popular acceptance 8 x 11
sheet of paper, you can obtain FREE meds.  You get SEGURO meds filled at the pharmacy located at 380 Zaragoza. However, in order to be seen by a SEGURO doctor, you need to arrive at 7:30 AM and stand in a line that could take up to an hour.  Therefore, we established a relationship with a local doctor and for minor emergencies, a cold, flu, infection etc. We opt to pay the 300 pesos per office visit and save our IMSS insurance for anything major, like a needed surgery, heart attack or whatever. There are many great doctors at Lakeside.


  1. SEGURO POPULAR 8 x 11 orginal approval form must be brought into clinic each time, and presented with any prescription at pharmacy. RENEW every 3 years at SEGURO POPULAR.

  2. CURP card is obtained from the Immigration office in Chapala. See Immigration post herein.

  3. Apply for IMSS insurance use attorney in Ajijic, Susan 331-444-1214. A blog post about that process posted on Jan 11, 2017