Saturday, January 2, 2010


2010 begins a NEW DECADE full of HOPE! Our days are full of pleasures, of moments that we allow ourselves to FEEL happy. But JOY is the answer, the HOPE, the COUNSELOR when we choose it in spite of circumstance. I had an amazing childhood, and that perhaps is what helped shape the way I view the world today. I found myslef in dark places and I trained my mind to focus on the blessing, to seek the good, to acknowledge the bright side of things, to let go of fear and choose the indwelt JOY to consume me. People choose to be negative, and I choose to bless them, release them, and avoid judging. Choosing to hang around positive folks that radiate joy is a wise choice. I choose to provide an open space in my soul for JOY to abide - and this is a command from God. Philippians 4:4 says, “Rejoice!”. Joy is also a subject that I have studied. It is a learned response, a behavior of saints. Developing generosity towards others includes giving compassion, mercy and kindness in high doses. As you give, so do you receive and as the recepticle of such generosity, JOY is the result. JOY abides inside, it does not come from outside of ourselves. JOY and laughter are not the same. Giggling at humorous things is not to be compared with the ever present Holy Spirit that dwells inside. JOY is not created by anything I say or do - JOY exists in each soul, it is the spark, the seed that grows when it is not encumbered by fear, doubt and the restraints of judgement. As a glorious creation of God, Iam a blessed container of JOY. Yet when my human body is tired, I get cranky. When things are out of order, I can get controlling. While at the mercy of world news, I do get opinionated and frustrated. Ahhh, but when I let go, and let God, I release JOY as the antedote to my human weaknesses. "I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul shall be joyful in my God. — Isaiah 61:10