Sunday, March 18, 2012


Was it FATE or DESTINY that stepped into my heart and mind in 2009? God led my thoughts to consider how I might contribute the gift He has given me, with kids in need in Mexico. Since I will not have more of my own, hmmmm, then I can be a blessing as I am blessed by their joy for having a mothers heart that cares. Faced with my mortality, I hear the clock ticking towards the end of my work life and I asked God...what will You have me do? When and where will Barb retire from promoting world dreams...and engage my heart in His purpose? Both of Barb's siblings are living their dream in homes that have no mortgage. Would such a thing be possible for Barbara too? During the season of 2009 Barb works for a City plagued with folks losing their jobs, homes and dreams. Quaking with feelings about the economy and her hearts desire to meet a man of God, she did not think it odd of her Father to provide a surprising inheiritance to assist her in making a dream come true. WOW, I was able to pick the kitchen tile of and interior colors of a brand new home in Mexico! Is there paradise outside the USA? Barb made the tough decision to face her future with courage and walk in faith ~ alone. Her seemingly bold and quick decision to buy a home on a solo Christmas trip to Chapala in 2009 was re-affirmed. Plans to retire across the border used to be a foreign concept to most Americans, but it is now a trend that is becoming more common thanks to two main factors: the Internet and the economy. The Internet provides Ben and Jill immediate connectivity to family and friends in the USA. So why retire in California and limit one's pleasure due to financial stress when you can choose to live in a tropical paradise and spend your retirement dollars gladly hosting family and friends on their vacations! All that was required was to think outside the border and spin a grin as the internet led Barb to the property in fact that she was destined to purchase. In 2011 AARP reported a list of ten places to retire outside the U.S.A. The five reasons AARP used for making a wise choice: Cost of living, Housing rates, Healthcare, Cultural and recreational options and IF an Expat community exists. AARP chose: Buenos Aires, Argentina; Corozal, Belize; Le Marche, Italy; Boquete, Panama; and Cascais, Portugal. Ahhh ~ the secret of Chapala is yet safe but will be let loose soon as the Pan Am Games features Chapala for all the water sports in October 2011. Until then, Barb who chose to retire in Chapala will benefit greatly as her cost of property tax, water and electricity for the year is only $240.00 USA. Her health will be cared for by a MEDICINA two blocks down, her recreational preference of kayaking on still waters is only 4 blocks away, and with a vibrant, active EPAT community of 1,200 members, Barb will have plenty of LIKE MINDED individuals to adventure with! Inside the book entitled "Expat Women" Real-Life Questions are answered about Living Abroad from experienced expats. Wisdom mingles with positive tips to motivate women at every stage of their bold expat journey. TOPICS: Leaving family, treading light while transitioning quickly, intercultural relationships, and parenting bilingual kids. Life is difficult in the USA or as an EPAT. Issues like infidelity, divorce, alcoholism and cultural preference are given a share of quality ink by an EXPAT who has been there, done that. Any single woman who has ever wondered what it is like to live abroad, work abroad or accompany a loved one across the border will find this work inspiring. Women who have planned to be counted among the growing throng of EXPATS, but experience mixed feelings about settling in, rebuilding their identity, accepting the dynamic of a change in family relations, managing money and people will find this to be an excellent resource. Repatriating for six months at a time is also a frequent choice that gives respite a place within the chosen EXPAT DESTINY across the border.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


AUTISM AWARENESS - Dr Barry White from Canada informs that one child out of 88 are diagonsed as AUTISTIC. Anthony, a fire-fighter has a seven year old child named Ethan who is autistic. Anthony was introduced to Immunocal by a fellow fire fighter. Anthony read Immunotecs extensive research and learned that 50% of autistic children under care are determined to have low levels of glutathione. Within days Ethan responded with interactions to other children at dayschool and with family members. Ethan continues to positively progress to the point of being on stage in an auditorium talking about what he wants to do when he grows up. Prior to taking Immunocal, Ethan did not make eye contact or communicate. Reducing inflamation in the brain, while adding a perfect blend of all the bodies needed amino acids, the body is thus provided with what it needs to manufacture, by God's design, the necessary glutathione to restore itself to health. Ethan's behavior before consuming one packet of Immunocal daily included biting, kicking and outbursts of anger. Ethan's amazing transformation has inspired the teaching staff to refer other parents to consider Immunocal. Academically and socially Ethan continues to improve. The natural pathic doctor in Canada who works with Ethan has now placed other kids, and young adults in their 20's on Immunocal. Ethan takes one packet a day mixed in Gerber baby carrots. When other kids get sick at school, becuase his immune system has been enhanced, he no longer gets sick. Before Immunocal, Ethan would require a round of strong anti-biotics to recover. Anthony, as a fire fighting dad also celebrates his improved energy, reduced stress and enhanced immune system.
DR GUSTAVO BOUNOUS knew that the common denominator of all disease was low glutathione which results in a comprimised immune system. God gave him the passion to research to find a solution and Dr Bounous gives credit to God for his serendipitous discovery of the impact of whey protein in his unique patented formula. Because of Immunocal's reported positive impact on children with Autism, Immunotec was approached by Nova Southern University so that they could conduct a randomized double-blind study at the Mailman Segal Center for Human Development (MSC)
Administering Nutritional Intervention, using Supplementation with Cysteine-Rich Whey Protein Isolate (Immunocal®) in Children with Autism: Effects in Core Areas of Behavior. Ongoing clinical trials are being conducted around the world for various applications.Background of Dr Gustavo Bounous and his team
In 1965 Doctor Bounous was Awarded the Medal of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. He was a Fellow surgeon at Indiana Medical Center (1957-1961)
Asso Prof of Surgery, McGill University (1962-1968)
Prof of Surgery, University of Sherbrooke (1968-1985)
Prof of Surgery, McGill University (1985-1993)

Dr Bounous TEAM in the Immunocal Research
Dr Patricia Kongshavn, Prof at Dept of Med, McGill Uni
Dr Gerald Batist, Chair of Department of Oncology
Director, McGill Centre for Research in Cancer
Dr Phil Gold, Professor, McGill Department of Oncology
Dr Richard Lalonde, Montreal Chest Instit, McGill AIDS Ctr
Chief of Infectious Diseases, McGill Uni Health Ctr
Dr Marc Wainberg, Director, McGill AIDS Ctr &
Prof of Molecular Biology/Virology
Dr Sylvain Baruchel, Director Innovative Therapy Program.
The Hospital For Sick Children

WANT TO BE A BLESSING to an AUTISTIC child? Order a GIFT BOX of immunocal and have it delivered to their home or send them a link to this post. IMMUNO-DIRECT customers receive a 20% discount PLUS a FREE BOX every quarter. THAT is a $400 REWARD to the ordering family annually! ORDER:
OR CALL 888-917-7779 and ASK to be a IMMUNO-DRECT customer / referred by Barbara Alley Consultant ID# 229862


“What about crime in Mexico? What about healthcare? Positive thinking, or self-talk to FEEL awesome or safe DAILY ~ if that’s how I must live and work to enjoy my life, job or relationships I would require meds! According to Ecclesiastes ~ that kind of work meaningless! “like chasing the wind.” Living for God is to work joyfully for God. The stability that comes from that CHOICE is that I do not need a resume, nor do I need to compete for a position because I never really change employers. The confidence to speak up in a meeting or to work with graditude daily is not because of a mantra that "I am awesome", but it is because I KNOW God loves me and HE counts my contributions as eternally valuable!
My gifts, my time, my work is accepted by God as "well done"! God simply asks us to run with perseverance the race marked out for us (Heb. 12:1). The running or walking towards Lake Chapala to see what He has in store for me is to KNOW He walks with me and before me ~ and that is my reward. At times my race seems to get hectic ~ and then He reminds me that even if I can’t acquire His itinerary before hand, I am assured of a glorious finish line.

"The church bell awakens my praise
To the Lord who made all hills:
Here in Chapala, His sacred heart
Bekons me to do His will ~
With eyes to see and ears to hear
I hark to His part
To make the way to stay
And be His voice in the dark.

Though all the world offers a share,
With assured soul I'd deny
Any land, sea or lake as fair,
For none doth compare
To His plan that I ...
Should live in Chapala.

It was He that chose where I go,
A spot beloved as heaven ~
A land that lie twixt lake and trees,
Chapala tis the spot for me." Barbara Alley
"God gave all men all earth to love,
But, since our hearts are small
Ordained for each ~
one spot should prove,
Beloved over all;
That, as He watched Creation's birth,
So we, in godlike mood,
May of our love create our earth
And see that it is good....
Here through the strong and shadeless days
The tinkling silence thrills ~ " Rudyard Kipling