Thursday, September 11, 2014


While living in my hometown I am able to enjoy great memories of my first trip to Pixie Woods! It was opened in 1950 and at the age of five I remember the thrill of watching fairytales come alive! Alice in Wonderland, the Three Little pigs, Jack be Nimble, a park designed just for the kid within! Uncle Doyle's kid emerged gleefully on his first visit to this wonderland on Labor Day 2011. In the 50's Momma Mia took Ben, Mary and Barbie and Yvonne King took Shane, Verdell and Beverly and we each remember the crooked slide, the boat ride, cotton candy and real pixie's serving cupcakes during puppet shows! With a word from Chapala on this Labor Day weekend, I am reminded of how blessed I am. Once I move to Chapala, it is then that my community service begins. Imagine such a similar theme built within the City park along the lake for children - using legendary Mexican tales! For now I shall study what fairytale stories are told in Chapala and work with the Expat Society on bringing this to life along the shores of Lake Chapala! When I met the ninety one year old Director of Pixie Woods, Miss Dorthea ~ I was inspired by her genuine elation while assisting young and old strap on for a Merry-go-round ride on great stallions. I have not been horseback riding in years and the shade of the mighty old trees and the music all together lit up my soul! For Doyle who is nearing 80 and Barb who will be 60 in just eleven more days ~ the child within both of us squealed along with each gleeful laugh of all the kiddos at the park! Oh Lord how great Thou art and I pray that such a delightful theme park could be built for the kids and grand folks of Chapala! How You desire us to become childlike and we let all our cares flee with glee straight to You. A place for families and lonely grand parents to come and build awesome memories for generations to come. Doretha has worked as a volunteer at Pixie Woods for 41 years! The experience has kept her young at heart with a position of pride as a Merry-Go-Round operator! When grand parents are forgotten or neglected, such a park would allow them to enjoy kids from the community and be a part of a creating something grand that brings people back to Chapala for years to come, I see Oh Lord ! Si Si Si - good idea!