Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Puppy Peeps

BOW WOW WOW! --- It is a great day to get outside and run! Please, please, please - let us run buck wild and chase the ducks, sniff the flowers and get delirious together! I am so excited my whole body is squirming - LET'S JUST GET OUT THERE without a map or plan! I want to please you, and make you smile! I cannot wag my tongue and say how glad I am to go outside to romp with you, but I want you to know that my wagging tail is my expression of love for you! I catch your emotional drift! Ancestoral family shot of BOSWELL ICABOD JUNIOR, III Whatever you cook smells great and I am so truly thankful! Life is grand cause of the fun furry friend VARIETY! Okay, you worked all day, it is time to play with me! Go ahead, put your paw in my mouth! Any day is a good day if you get to muse over a bowl of warm and cuddly puppies! A favorite peep is a loyal and loving puppy!

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  1. My very precious Barbara,

    Thank you for your love! How are you? I really enjoy your blogs and very happy to see that you are continuing to meet a variety of interesting people. You look very happy and joyful.

    Where in Mexico do you plan to stay after you retire? (Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico) Is it near border? (Near Guadalajara, deep inside mainland Mexico) Do you ever come to L.A.,(no visits to Los Angeles in past 15 years) if yes, next time you must come and visit me.

    Sorry it did not work out with John, but some people enter our lives only for a certain period of time, and make a permanent place in our hearts. (John has a permanent place in my soul)

    I am often in touch with your Mom. What a great lady she is! Very loving, just like you. Take care, and may this New Decade bring lots of blessings, joyful moments, health and love in your life.

    Yes, you are always in my prayers.
    Love you lots and lots and lots,
    Always remembering you,