Tuesday, January 2, 2018

JALISCO 2016 Traffic Laws

Each Jalsico car must be smog checked and a new sticker applied on or before the month that corresponds to the last digit of its license plate. OUR last digit is a (3) so we must get car smogged each year before March, and on the third day of the week which is Tuesday or Martes.  The smog fee is only 300 pesos. PENSION is the place in Chapala to get smogged. ADDRESS: 375 Zaragoza. You must bring the CARD you get from the Mexican DMV when you pay for annual registration. Traffic fines are calculated in multiples of Jalsico's minimum daily wage, which is 67 pesos in 2014.   http://tinyurl.com/8c5c4hf  ; all traffic fines can be paid at most banks, at the 7-Eleven, and OXXO convenient stores. Fines are levied against a CAR not a person.  If someone else drives your car and gets a ticket, and fine remains unpaid, you will be responsible to pay when you renew your car registration.  KEEP receipt or PINK slip to your car in a SAFE place. Jalisco requires that all cars be insured in the amount of 6,000 days at minimum wage (67 pesos X 6,000) for bodily injury, and or property damage to third parties.  You must also carry 25,000 days ($1,682,250 pesos) for death.
Regulation article 199 states that if the fine is paid within 10 working days, you will get a 50% discount. If paid within 29 working days you will get a 25% discount.  In the Lake Chapala area, fines can be paid at the Hacienda Treasury office located at Degollado #306, Chapala and other places herein mentioned.  AFTER filling out the form on the following website:
POLICE OFFICER RULES: Under ARTICLE 159: Policeman may NOT take your drivers license or any other document, but they are allowed to look at them.  In some Mexico states, this is NOT the case.  Each car MUST have back bumpers/fenders.  MUST have windshield wipers. MUST have side mirrors. MUST have functioning headlights.  MUST have a license plate.  MUST NOT drive in reverse over 10 kilometers per hour.  (5 miles per hour)
DRIVING SOMEONE ELSES CAR: If you are driving a friends car and they are not in the car with you, you need a signed letter from the owner of the car authorizing you to drive it, plus a copy of their ID in order for policeman to match signatures. ARTICLE 189; policeman may NOT commit extortion ( may not ask for bribes, or MORDITAS). This is abusing their authority and police officers who do extort money can be sentenced to 1-5 years in prison.  IMPOUNDED CAR REASONS: Car parked which blocks a garage or reserved spot.  Driving without a license plate.

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    Obtain at same office where you pay your car registration fee. You must take written test, many expats hire someone to do this for them. You must also supply office with your blood type.