Wednesday, October 29, 2014


We are enrolling in a Spanish class at Lake Chapala Society to learn the basics. For now we depend on the grace and mercy of the Mexican culture. Se habla um poco Espanol! Buenas Dias! Mucho Gracias. Mi amiga mui bueno. Por favor, Bano? No intiendo Espanol. Mucho Feliz!

Words and phrases you need to use and recognize:
Please - Por favor
Thank You - Gracias
Hello - Hola
Goodbye - Adios ( God be with you )
What is your name? - Como se llama? pronounced YAMA
How much does this cost? - Cuanto cuesta?
No Parking - No Estacionarse or No E 
God bless you - Dios le bendiga

SAY "Necissito" which means "I need...:
  • groceries, look for ABARROTE
  • hardware, look for FERRETERIA
  • tires, look for LLANTAS
  • a newspaper, look for DIARIAS
  • furniture, look for MUEBLES
  • a haircut, look for PELUQUERIA or ESTETICA
  • a pharmacy, look for FARMACIA
Some important things to remember:
  • Slow down.  Things happen at a different pace here.  
  • Mexican people are very polite, and they issue lots of grace to us.
  • "C" on the water faucet stands for "Caliente," which means HOT!
  • Speed limits are posted in Kilometers per Hour.
  • In most places, you must pull off the road to the RIGHT and wait for traffic to clear before you turn LEFT.
  • Your left turn signal can also mean "Pass Me" to the driver behind you, so be very careful.
  • Watch for TOPES, speed bumps. 

My Name is-----------------------------------Mi nombre es
My address is--------------------------------Mi domicilio es
My phone number is---------------------------Mi telefono es
Send an Ambulance----------------------Mande una Ambulancia

Robbery, Iam in house #----Robo, ahora!!! Yo estoy en Casa #

heart attack ------Por attaque cardiaco
Asthma attack------Por ataque asmatico
Bring Oxygen -------Traiga oxigeno
I fell and I am hurt---------------Me cai y estoy herido
An Auto accident at-------Hay un accidente de autos en:
I am very sick---------------------Estoy muy enfermo
Blood Type is----------------------Tipo de sangre es
I am diabetic----------------------Soy diabetico

AJIJIC CLINIC - Open 24 hrs daily, 7 days a week
Dr. Alfredo R Quintana - Speaks perfect English
Carretera Ote # 33 – Ajijic
Telephone: 766 0500 or 766 0662
Cell Phone for Dr. Rodriguez: 01 333 106 1770

CRUZ ROJA - Telephones: 765 2308 or 765 2553

MASKARAS CLINC - Open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week
Dr. Carlos Garcia - Speaks perfect English
Hidalgo 79 G – Riberas del Pillar
Telephone: 765 4805 or 765 4838


Phonetically spelled: "Bwen Prevecho" Enjoy to the fullest!
Say this when passing a cafe table and you will bless them.
"Dios Te Bendiga" God bless you!
Por favor, escribe in COMMENTS any phrases that help!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

La Nueva Posada

La Nueva Posada is the newest "old" place in the quaint village of Ajijic. It is reminiscent of a Mexican Colonial Inn with all the old world charm. La Posada is romantic and sophisticated and well maintained by the Eager family. Excellent view of Lake Chapala that keep guests returning annually since 1975. The Inn has 19 Suites on three levels. Tastefully decorated with original watercolors created by local artists. La Posada is a grand hotel that is embraced on one side by a large tropical garden planted with the exotic flowers for which lakeside is famous. On the other side there is an intimate garden and swimming pool. A 22 minute drive from the International Airport on a modern 4 lane highway. The taxi ride from the airport to Ajijic costs approximately $37 US. Buses run every hour to Guadalajara and car rentals are available locally. The Restaurant serves a continental cuisine along with many traditional Mexican dishes. Enjoy the sunset in the intimate Lounge, where live romantic music can be heard each Saturday. Choose to relax or dine under a gigantic rubber tree located in the middle of the lush garden. The helpful agents at Eager & Asociados are right across the street. Horseback ride, golf, play tennis, go to the theatre, shop, or enjoy natural hot spring baths. The Staff is happy to organize any exploration. A villa with daily maid service for one person is only $80.00 or a monthly rate of $1350 for two people. Laundry facilities are no charge for guests. 50% deposit for first month's rent made payable to Michael Eager.
Address: Donato Guerra #9P.O. Box #30
Ajijic, Jalisco, 45920 Mexico
Telephone: 52(376)766-1344
Fax: 52(376)766-1444
$68 to $92 USD - includes a full breakfast

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Columbus Day in Mexico

A cultural festival wrapped around the traditions of ancient Mexico occurs on Columbus Day weekend each year around Lake Chapala.  It is called "La Fiesta del Tambor which is tied to the October 12th commemoration of "Dia de la Raza".  We enjoyed the toe tapping performances of native percussion dancing.  As a new permanent residents of Chapala, Mike and I were immersed into our new culture by invitation of Bill and Bonnie.  Bill is a well known baseball sports writer Experience Mexican Baseball and his lovely wife Bonnie blogs her reviews on local eateries FOODIES DELIGHT.  As well fed ex-patriots, we were thrilled to
become familiar with the pre-Hispanic era of Lakeside. This annual tradition is Mexico's way of combining their indigenous past with the current flood of expats. The initial expats were from Spain. We continue to celebrate the year 1492 when the La Nina, La Pinta and La Santa Maria ships landed and marked the discovery of the New World. October 12 is also my son's birthday and this year we are separated by a few miles, but our hearts remain connected. It was a lovely way to celebrate the NEW BIRTH of my son, and of my first year as a permanent resident of Chapala.  Using SKYPE I called my son and wished him the best on this very special Columbus Day!


Katie Gurl was unleashed at Silver Lake Family Camp! Like a puppy set loose at Barkley park, she spun about with inexplicable, uncontainable energy! On her first Nicorette day she raced a mile downhill and then jumped in a spring of water, to cool off, laughing as she tongued a tale in an Irish brogue! Hungry for more, with her tail wagging, Katie delighted in commandeering a kayak for three hours! This annual July treat had a life changing impact on the Katie Gurl! We older odd folks attend family camp to just "BE" campy and who we are. Once we are STILLED by a night in the chill, we become new creatures that lust for buck wild adventure. Like beware wolves in disguise, with un protected eyes, we look up and allow the full moon to cast its glow, and we howl as the star light pierces the deep blue canopy. IMAGINE the lake smooth and shimmering a reflection of moon. Wisps of dusty smoke curl slowly and hang lazily above campfires that surround its lapping shores. Family hands naturally rub together, backs hunched in a lean forward toward dancing flames. AH YES! You wish you were there! A silence engulfs the scene as fire echoes a snap, crackle pop! Thy soul a glad witness of a fire contained in a ring of living river rock. Stones aged by the wind, with ears of tales spun through years past. Sparks whistle thru sizzling branches, and languid flames strecth and furl. A rainbow of color competes with the eve's sunset and a symphony of twigs like trombones rise in pitch, then sizzle willingly to become a glowing ember to remember! A wall of healthy timber stands tall around, their sacrifice remembered in a distinct whiff of fresh pine burning to ash. Without clocks ticking, light is soon licked up by darkness. All senses peaked, the scent of pine and smoke, the taste of moist air, the sound of bugs blissing, the feel of cozy socks, and the touch of Spirit in every creation. Diana the "mom", the friend who is bent on tradition---never ever would she allow a soul to sit alone, to feel left out! NOT, NO, NOT ever alone --- under His twinkling gaze, in the midst of a summers night, face cool, with a warmed heart did I retreat into an Eddie Bauer chair to rejoice in the silliness, to witness the foolishness of Apples to Apples. My soul winking in the twixt of seen and unseen ---with re-ignited JOY sparking, my soul twas in surrendered agreement for REST! Surrounded by Diana's happy brood in a mood for a swoon of laughter --- AWARE and completely undone by a sensationally bright full moon, RECEIVING was what was left to do. How grand indeed is the thought that God made all this to welcome a PAUSE! Come, come as you are all tattered and flung by a week of pressures. Meetup in a cathedral of trees with the Cloos Clan and share a time of generous grace! After three shots of tequila with a gaggle of co-workers on a Friday night, it was my way to end a fascinating week filled with surprise. Hooking up with Katie in Stockton she took the wheel of Earl, the pearl, the Subaru tucked with all the baggage of two women headed for a Sierra adventure! Wild as flowers we filled up at a drive-thru in Lodi for a destined reunion with Chris, Kristie and mom! Ahhhh Highway 88 East winding up, tall trees lined up, the climb up to 7,000 feet took us out of the valley with time to unfold the emergencies of our week. We darted past Jackson's alluring casino knowing we were bound to have mucho FUN! These California Gurls sang Katy Perry's lyrics as we flew by the town of Pioneer and Cooks Station! Sister Diana arrived earlier to nest up the V2 cabin with gurlish sunflowers, wool blankets and throw rugs for our painted toes! The squeaky screen door opened and we automatically plopped our bags and claimed our very own army bunk. Adorned with a layer of flannel, the glee of tree filled our nostrils as we dashed up to the lodge. Greeted by a posse of geese, those wild Canadian honkers, we discovered that Plasse's country store was closed. With confidence that our appetite would be fully satisfied at camp, we drove at a quicker pace. The mountains were peaking, and the streams were gently speaking...when we landed at our reunion of soul. Barb gushed into the annual shangrila of Gary and Wendy Frush and shared all her zeal for Lake Chapala. Outside, sitting in the midst of Silver Lake's friendly forest was a table of Diana's peeps playing with apples! After one round of applause for Gary's win, we each hurried to the dormitory of bath to scrub our teeth before the lights went out. Such a homecoming, to this place outdoors with no walls. We sit under the same blanket of stars that draw eyes up in Africa, Israel, Canada, Mexico, London, or Hawaii. WOW is the word to consider of how He gathers us together, as a family, as a community, all made equally, with transparent truth as our bond. His light is our way, and how great He is to lead us to this awesome meeting place. Not one stranger among us, Kristie inside the Gurls cabin, applies the required Silver Lake makeup! Sun
screen and mosquito repellant! NO masks, NO pretense, NO status, NO cars, NO wardrobes, NO needs unmet --- we enjoyed ample NONSENSE all around! Nothing separated us as we sat with like levi's and same Silver Lake sweatshirts under a FULL MOON! Knowing God lives outside of time, and eternity is mine, the years gone by have been 9 since I met Diana. The earth shaking year of 911 was the year that Diana was shattered by the extent of her fractured family. To marvel in the restoration, to witness His healing of hearts that were once ripped apart, what HOPE this gives! I saw Katie adoringly crack up --- with and over her brother Chris. Later, I heard Katie whisper in the dark, "I love you mom!" Diana was swollen with a huge measure of love and respect for each cub. My blessing is to have witnessed the Cloos Clan emerge from a rough and raw cluster to an evolving cub clan of intentional grace. Each cub seeking to create happy new memories at Silver Lake Family Camp 2010! Truth is --- that outrageous JOY belongs to imperfect people as they come together to love one another as they have been loved! The Winnamucka trail was sprinkled with delicate blossoms of every shape and color. Mystified by the TRADITION of coming to Silver Lake, over the years the impact of this one diverse and individually dynamic family; Diana, Chris, Katie and Kristie, is AWE! PERFECT love doth cast out fear. With time to bleed out sorrows and weed out that which is NOT true, JOY emerged once again! In the midst of unmowed, unkempt wild grasses we find the greatest gift, the blooming of wild flowers in His time! Just look at the ever amazing Kristie, the bride of Christopher, as she enlarges the family tent with her whimsical charm and beauty! With widened eyes, I saw that we are blessed to be chosen, to be included, to be given a fresh perspective of where we are and WHY! Amazed at His creativity, there is pure magic when one walks the path to WIN A MUCCA! Ushering up a PRAISE ..."Oh God, how good it IS to see You in action and hear the energetic tales of love that endures all. How different each life is, yet You love each as if it were Your only. My hope for a love filled family FUN reunion with my one and only Jason was re-ignited! Loosened up, I thrilled for the days ahead. We hiked the trail each silenced by the surrounding majesty. The brillance of the sun offset the puffy white clouds. The firm granite mounds accentuated the speckled field of sturdy blooms. Aged trees stretched up and thoughts of Pocahontas echoed through my soul. On this path we do not walk alone. Picking up another memory stone, thinking "even the rocks cried out" in the glory of God. Standing on the muddy bank of the silvery lake, with renewed HOPE, I watched Katie, Kristie and Chris wobble into the waiting kayaks. Mom soon joined the paddle to Treasure Island, a place a plump with goose piles. Katie roared with laughter as she got stuck in shit creek without a paddle! What a family of friends! ALL IN ALL, God showed me His love, His provision with a family of campers, rich with TRADITION!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Chapala Cuisine

LAKE TACO is located on the Libriemento next to the car wash, near the Pemex gas station in Ajijic.  If you stand in front of Walmart and look out from their front door, you are looking up towards the BLACK COFFEE house and the Libriemento. Lake Taco has the very freshest chicken salads and yummy fresh fish tacos.  A delightful atmosphere under a giant Palaypa. Enjoy a very satisfying lunch with a distant view of the lake.  Clean bathrooms are a plus to each restaurant recommended.

PARIS CAFE is located in Chapala right next to the Chapala town plaza. It is at the corner of Hidalgo and Ignacio (the main street of Chapala) near the big fountain.  My favorite dish is the Paris Cafe Omelet Especial. The omelet is served with a fresh salad drizzled with balsamic.  They also make the greatest milkshakes and cold coffee drinks.

TANGO is located in Ajijic on Cologne. You will enjoy high quality beef dishes at excellent prices. Cologne is the main street in Ajijic and Tango is down near the Malecon.

MARIA ISABELA'S is located in Ajijic at the very end of Cologne. The best dish here is the chicken fajita's. A great side order is the grilled zucchini.  Enjoy the sound of outdoor dining on a lapping lake with birds twittering in the gigantic centuries old Eucalyptus tree.

DELICIOS on Hidalgo near the IMS office in Chapala next to the hardware store.  It has the best waffle special. A waffle covered with carmel and walnuts, strawberries, bananas, and whip cream. The omelets are also very good. Recently they added a dinner menu and many locals dine here for the great value.

WAFFLE HOUSE is located in West Ajijic on the Carretera.  Strolling musicians will add great delight to every breakfast.  Wonderful coffee and atmosphere, and plenty of parking.

SIMPLY THAI is located in Ajijic directly across from the Lake Chapala Society on Septimbre. When your taste buds long for something special, enter their lovely garden atmosphere and depart satisfied.

SALVADORS in Ajijic is right on the Carretera in the El Torito shopping center. It opens at 7:30AM and they cater to the gringos with the best Chilaquiles in town. Enjoy two pancakes, bacon, eggs and coffee for as little as 60 pesos.

Friday, October 3, 2014


We are all pre-destined, and my calling crystalized in 2009. God led my thoughts to consider where I would retire and serve kids in need. After my dad died in 2006 and visiting with my brother in Loreto, Baja in 2008, the opportunity to build a home in Mexico became a dream. Faced with my mortality and desiring in my heart to make a difference before I depart, I asked God..."what will You have me do?" When and where will Barb live out her golden years? To live a life without borders is to live in obedience to God.
To love as God loves ~ is to love the aliens, the orphans, the widows, the lost, the broken and those in different cultures, churches and countries. God is Spirit and He loves without boundaries, or borders. The Spirit of God infiltrates the mind, body and soul of anyone who surrenders their limited ways to His. As we become more like Him, we focus on what pleases the Lover of our soul. We begin to quickly forgive, and issue massive mercy and grace to all who He brings within the reach of our smile and our willing hands. God invites all people to the wedding banquent, BUT because few choose Him, few enter the party He has planned for those who love the Lord with all their mind, heart and soul.  Barb worked for ten years for a City plagued with crime and folks losing their jobs, homes and dreams. Being still in the midst of chaos, she listened and heard His still small voice. "Follow Me, trust Me, I am with You always." Barb was led to Chapala on Christmas eve 2009. Miraculously in 2006 the Lord changed the heart of her dad, Earl Alley.  Having been written out of her dads life since she was 17, Barb suddenly became the surprised benefactor of an inheritance which allowed her to build a new custom home in Mexico. INDEED all things are possible for those who love God! She did not employ blind faith, but she was empowered by the indwelt Holy Spirit to think clearly and rest assured in His safety. She arrived on Christmas day 2009 at Casa Del Sol, a lovely bed and breakfast in Ajijic. With absolute peace, she remained in the presence of the Lord without fear and walked the streets of Ajijic alone at night. Her faith in God and His promise to prosper her, not harm her was REAL!  English speaking Realtors  from Canada took Barb
to view the property she found on the internet before her trip. Was it a chance encounter or was it a divine appointment that Barb met the English speaking builder Michel Bureau? Without that providential meeting, it was confirmed by the surprised realtors that Barb would not have found the financing needed to puchase Casa De La Luz. In June of 2014, Barb obtained her permanent resident card and became a happy resident in a mid town barrio a few blocks from the lake. Skype allows her to cross all borders and stay in touch with all her family and friends for $80.00 USA per year. National Geographic Magazine boasts that Lake Chapala has the best weather in the world! It is in fact a tropical paradise with a mild temp on average of 78 degrees all year long! God's plan to live JOYFULLY in a less hectic pace and serve a happy, grateful people is GRAND! All that was required was to think beyond the border. In 2011 AARP reported a list of ten places to retire outside the U.S.A. In 2011 Chapala was number one for these reasons: Cost of living, Housing rates, Healthcare, and Cultural and recreational options. The world's largest English speaking LAKE CHAPALA SOCIETY of EXPATS also expands opportunities. Wisdom mingles with positive tips from those who actually uprooted themselves and moved to Mexico. Living outside your comfort zone requires risk and a willing spirit of adventure. Leaving family, and treading among a new culture is the most exhilarating way to learn! Consider what was required of Saul/Paul! God's light blinded Saul for three days. Paul's heart was changed, and his mind was illuminated by the truth of Who Jesus Christ is.  Saul had been a proud man, a man of high respect.  A man with many degrees of learning.
Saul was changed in an instant to a humble, willing servant who God renamed Paul. As we remain in His will, and as Mike and Barb continue to seek His Presence, God blessed us with new friends and a renewed sense of purpose. LOVE IN ACTION in Chapala and HOPE HOUSE for Boys gives us a chance to immerse ourselves in the language, and build eternal relationships. The Word of God that our HOPE is in God, the anchor of our soul, NOT in the City or the culture we live in. People are universal, and so are the needs of
the soul. The emptiness is the same in every culture. Without God, people place HOPE in things, or in people. The lesson is painful to discover that things and people will change.  GOD never changes. In 2009, as a single woman, a decision to TRUST GOD was made to move to CHAPALA without human counsel. Then God's plan spun Barbara completely around when He placed Michael Hoyle in her life. GOD is GREAT and He has NO BORDERS!  Living within God's plan and in His will is the greatest GIFT of ALL!
We trust God to give us His PEACE through our brief period of adjustment to the culture, and the slower pace of Mexico. We are glad to be unknown for what we have accomplished in the USA, and our JOY is increased to be known for the LIGHT we shed in the dark place of a single hopeless soul. Our identity is in Christ Jesus, NOT in anything that we have done in our own strength. Accepting His amazing ways as our own, our soul is humbled by how He leads us to love the local laundry lady Lupita, and our new adopted daughter Lucy, who greets me with kisses each week when she comes to clean our casa. My soul is swollen by the Holy Spirit, and flushed with HOPE to bring God glory! Repatriating one DAY at a time is a JOYFUL choice.
Barb WISELY followed the Lord and said YES to the opportunity to retire as a civil servant in the USA, to become a community servant in lake Chapala. With a budget of only $200 USA per month, we can afford to give generously at church and to those God places in our path.  By August of 2014 Barb was asked to lead a weekly women's group in her home for Celebrate Recovery and Michael was asked to facillitate a bible study in October 2014 at church.  JOY and LAUGHTER fill our days and we trust God has more FUN stuff for us ahead. We travel to Puerto Vallarta in October, and again with a bus load of expats for Thanksgiving in November 2014.  Our borderless God will confirm your reservation to serve in your town, or somewhere over the rainbo, beyond any place you could imagine.  TRUST HIM with your future and follow His lead.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Daily Walking Wonders

Phyllis January 2015
The amazing visible success of my walking buddy Phyllis has inspired me to get healthy, get fit, and enjoy more energy while slimming down.  Phyllis has lost over 60 pounds by limiting calories and carbs and walking four full laps of the Chapala malecon six days a week.  Weight management is 80% watching what you put in your mouth and 20% regular exercise. Sparkpeople is a great place to track food and exercise. We purged our bodies by following the online DR OZ THREE DAY FAT FLUSH program.  Most of the recipes given here were taken off the Dr Oz website, some are from Phyllis.
Enjoy this colorful blogpost for inspiration to stay on track while on your journey to fitness.  Our day by day, and week after week consistent choice to eliminate bread, gluten, carbs, and sugar
will guarantee our personal health goals. I have watched Phyllis shrink before my very eyes and now we are delighting in a buddy system of walking and sharing wonderful smoothie, salad,
and healthy gormet soup recipies. We are so blessed to be able to obtain low-fat Greek yogurt from Super Lake in San Antonio, fresh veggies and fruits from the mercardo in Chapala, and other essentials from Costco in Guadalaraja.  Included is a handy shopping list:
1 large onion
2 med carrots
1 cup radish root
1 cup diced squash
2 cups kale
2 stalks celery
½ cup seaweed
½ cup shredded cabbage
1 small piece fresh ginger
2 cloves garlic
1 cup shiitake mushrooms
1 ½ cups water
2 cups pineapple
2 stalks celery
4 cups spinach
1 green apple
1 tbls chia seeds
2 tbls coconut oil
2 tbls lemon juice
1 scoop soy protein powder
1 cup Almond milk
¾ cup strong coffee
2 bananas
1 cup ice cubes
1 ripe banana
¼ cup strawberries
½ cup blueberries
½ cup orange juice
2 tsp agave nectar
½ cup Greek yogurt
1 tsp chia seed
Phyllis March 27, 2015 Tropical Ambrosia = 174 calories + 22 carbs + 4 grams fat
1/2 cup FAGE non-fat yogurt
1 gram raw coconut
1 tbls honey
1 tsp organic bee pollen
1/2 whole strawberry
1/4 small banana
1/4 cup cubed mango
1/4 cup cubed pineapple
1 tsp raw pumpkin seeds
2 broken raw walnuts
1 tsp chia seeds
Fage Greek non-fat yogurt
Balsalmic Vinegar
Omega Triple supplements
Omega brand Psyllium Fibre
Probiotic supplement
Kirkland Multi-Vitamin with Lutena
Canela ( Cinammon )
Chia seeds
Coconut Milk
Coconut Slivers
Coconut Oil
Olive Oil
Organic bee pollen
Organic Cubed Tomatoes
Raw Almonds
Raw Walnuts
Lettuce washer sink strainer