Monday, December 21, 2015

Great Talent at Lakeside

In December 2015, once again, a fantastic evening to be held inside Club Exotica (the ballroom behind El Jardin in Ajijic) to help support various charities around Lakeside.  Mac Morison is 87 years young and he gets a standing ovation each year!!! The show included elegant dancers, a very funny comedian from California and duets by Mac and Judy Jordan Hendrick and Patrick
DuMouchel.  The event was appropriately entitled "Nice & Easy" because the tunes were by many legendary greats like Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble. There were also theme songs that celebrated great performances in old time movies that we love.  Patrick energized the crowd with "The Copa" and Judy honored Etta James with her silky voice highlighting "At Last". Mac out did himself with many solo love songs, but one of my favorites was "Mack the
Knife".  There are many opportunities to volunteer at Lakeside, and there are ways you can serve and have FUN!!! LYRICS that UPLIFT: At last love has come along, my lonely days are over, and life is like a song. Ohh yeah yeah...At last, the skies above are heart was wrapped up in clover...the night I looked at you. I found a dream, that I could speak to, a dream that I can call my own. I found a thrill to press my cheek to...a thrill that I have never known. Ohh yeah smile, you smile...Oh and then the spell was cast, and here we are in heaven, for you are mine at last.  AT LAST Songwriters: GORDON, MACK / WARREN, HARRY

Saturday, December 5, 2015


Magic is the release of a mind that is free to wonder, to adventure, to discover that people, the world over, yearn for the feeling of spring year round! Well in Lake Chapala, spring has ever sprung! Vivid color, brilliant views, mystical temps, lavish times ahead! Many conclude that they magically stumbled into the lap of Lake Chapala. Listening to those that tell how they arrived in Chapala, to thrive at being alive, again as in the days of youth---they say that the Lake chose them, and that they were drawn in, like a child to a comforting bosom. Who is leading? Who is following? As the Spirit leads and we follow, we become a unit of divinity in motion. Into the divine dance of life we volunteer our hearts. The rhythm is magical as it reverberates cell to cell -- we swirl and twirl about --- landing in the arms of the One who calls us by name. "Come, follow Me" Completely surrendered to His will, Barbarito will gladly pursue her hobbies of dancing, kayaking, gardening, painting, and writing, in His timing, AMEN --- VIVA JALISCO ~ Mucho  EMOTIONADA!During winter Lake Chapala blossoms as the climate remains the same as a cool summer breeze. Thanks for the weather! There is magic in the bromide emitted from Lake Chapala!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


A Mexican fairytale, a legendary story about three sisters and one prince. ~ Allá está la luna, Comiendo su tuna, Turando las cáscaras, Para la laguna Chapala. ~ Yonder is the moon,
Eating her prickly pear
Throwing the peelings
towards lake Chapala. ~ Once upon a time there was a very poor woodcutter who had three beautiful daughters. Of the three girls, the youngest was the most beautiful. One day the woodcutter went into the forest and was chopping down an oak tree when a very large and horrible bear wrenched the axe from his hands. "Who gave you permission to cut the wood in my forest?" growled the bear. "You have been stealing my timber and now you must pay for it with your life." "Please forgive me, Senor Oso," said the poor woodcutter, "I was only cutting the wood to sell it and thus support my three little daughters. If you kill me, my little girls will starve." The Bear remained thoughtful and then said, "There is only one way in which you life may be saved. You have to give me one of your daughters in marriage." The woodcutter didn't know what to say or do. Finally the thought of dying and leaving his daughters destitute forced him to agree to the Bear's proposal. The woodcutter returned home and told his daughters what had happened. "Father," said the two eldest girls, "we would rather die than marry that Bear." Ninfa, the youngest, said. "Father, I will marry the Bear." Next day Ninfa and her father went into the forest where the Bear was waiting for them. After seeing the beautiful maiden, he was satisfied. Ninfa, however, said to the Bear, "Senor Oso, my mother always taught me that in all things I should always follow God's law. If I must marry you, I want to be married according to the Catholic rites." The Bear agreed, provided a priest could come to the forest. The woodcutter went in search of a priest and soon returned with one. Ninfa and the Bear were then married. The Bear took Ninfa to his cave, and when it grew dark he chanted: "Bear so hairy, Bear so alarming, Change into a prince handsome and charming." In an instant the Bear changed into a handsome prince. He then told Ninfa, "I am an enchanted prince, cursed by a witch into being a bear by day and a man by night. You do anything you want around here on one condition, that you never reveal that I am an enchanted prince." Ninfa, happily promised that she would never reveal the secret. The next morning they arose from bed, and the prince said: "Prince so handsome, prince so charming, Change into a Bear, hairy and alarming." In an instant the prince had changed back into a bear. Days followed days and Ninfa felt a desire to go and visit her family in the village. However, she didn't know how to ask the prince for permission. Finally she mustered enough courage and said to him. "Aside from you, husband, I don't have anyone with whom to talk. I wish you would let me go to the village to see my father and sister. It isn't far, and if I leave early enough I will be back before it gets dark." The prince did not want to let Ninfa go, but the girl insisted so much that he finally consented. However, he made her repeat her oath never to reveal the prince's secret. Next day Ninfa got up early. She dressed herself richly and went to see her father and sisters, who welcomed her joyously. However, the devil, who never sleeps, soon filled the sisters with envy. They began to poke fun at Ninfa, jealous of the fact that she was wearing rich jewels and costly garments. "You married a bear, what shame!" the sisters repeatedly told her. Finally Ninfa lost her temper and revealed her husband's secret. The sisters were deeply amazed to hear Ninfa's tale. The eldest one then said: "Look, Ninfa, why don't you disenchant the prince? What you have to do is easy. Get him drunk tonight. When he goes to sleep, tie him up and gag him. As soon as day breaks and the prince wakes up, he will not be able to say the magic words and the enchantment will be broken. Then you will have a husband with a human form forever." Ninfa returned to the bear's cave and that night did everything her sister had suggested. The prince awoke the next morning, and imagine his surprise at finding himself tied and gagged! He could not say the magic rhyme and the enchantment was broken. "Wife," the prince later said to Ninfa, "you have broken your promise; now you must bear the consequences. To break the enchantment and live happily ever after, we two had to live happily married a year and a day. Since you have disobeyed me, you are going to have to look for me. You will not find me until you locate the Castle of Faith." Saying this, the prince vanished and Ninfa was left alone. She cried and was sorry, for she truly loved the prince. Then, determined to be reunited with her husband, Ninfa decided to go and look for the Castle of Faith. Tying a few belongings together, she slung them on her back and left on her search. She walked and walked and finally arrived at a forest where a wizard lived. "Nina," said the wizard, "what do you want here in this forest?" "I am looking for the Castle of Faith," answered Ninfa, "do you happen to know where it is?" "I don't know where that castle is located." said the wizard, "but follow this road until you reach my father's house. He may know where the castle is. Take this nut and if you ever find yourself in trouble break it." Ninfa thanked the old man, and left, finally reaching the house where the wizard's father lived. She asked him if he knew where the Castle of Father was. The old man didn't know but said: "Look, walk along this road until you come to the house of my eldest brother. He has traveled much, perhaps he can tell you where the castle is. I am going to give you another nut just as my son did. If you find yourself in trouble, break it and it will help you. Ninfa walked and walked and finally came to the house of the third wizard. He also didn't know here the castle was. However, he told her what to do: "The Moon probably knows. Follow this road and soon you will come to her house. But be careful, the Moon may be angry. I am also going to give you a nut. If you find yourself in trouble, break it." Ninfa left. The poor girl was very, very tired, but at last that night she arrived at the moon's house. She knocked on the door and a little old lady, who was the moon's housekeeper, came out "Merciful God! Daughter, what are you doing here?" asked the old lady. "Don't you know that if the Moon finds you here she will eat you?" Ninfa tearfully told the old woman all that had happened. "Look," said the old one, "you hide behind the stove. When the moon comes, I will carelessly ask her if she know where the castle is." At dawn the moon came in, angry because she had stuck in her finger a thorn from a prickly pear. The moon came into the kitchen and said, "Human flesh I smell here. Give it to me or on you I will feast." "Go on," said the old woman, "you're crazy. Just because there is a roast in the oven, you think it's human flesh. Sit down and eat so that you can go to bed. You are very tired. The moon sat down to eat and the old lady began to talk. "The other day an owl went by, and I got to taking with her. She told me she had heard talk about the Castle of Faith. You, who know so many things, surely know where this castle is." "To tell you the truth," said the Moon, "I don't know." The one who probably knows is the Sun." The moon went to bed and the little old lady whispered to Ninfa, "Quickly, leave before the Moon wakes up. Go along this road and soon you will arrive at the house of the Sun." Ninfa left and she walked and walked, until finally she came to the Sun's house. She knocked on the door and another little old lady answered. "Valgame Dios, nina!" she exclaimed, "What are you doing here?" Don't you know that if the Sun finds you here he will burn you?" Ninfa began to cry, and between sobs told her story to the little old lady. They were both gloomily taking when the house suddenly filled with light and the Sun came in. Poor Ninfa. She crossed herself and prepared to die. But the little old lady yelled. "Wait, Sun! Wait! this poor child is looking for the Castle of Faith." "Ah!" exclaimed the Sun, "so you are looking for the Castle of Faith." Tearfully Ninfa told the Sun what had happened to her. "I know where the castle is," said the Sun. "But it is very far from here. I could take you, but it is getting late and you know that I am not allowed to go out after dark. But look! Near here lives my good friend, El Aire, the Wind. He can take you. You walk along this path and when you get to El Aire's home, you tell him that it was I who sent you." Ninfa left and, after walking a good while, arrived at the Wind's house. She knocked and the Wind screamed, "Come in whoever it is!" Ninfa entered and told El Aire that the Sun had sent her with a request. "Granted," said El Aire, "no matter what it may be." She told Senor Aire all that had adversely happened to her and that she wanted to go to the Castle of Faith. "Do not worry," said El Aire, "I myself, will take you." Ninfa straddled El Aire's back, and in less time than it takes to wink an eye, they arrived at the castle. "Look," said El Aire, "it seems that there is a fiesta in the castle." The whole castle was brilliantly lit and the sound of violins and guitars could be heard everywhere. "I have to leave," he told Ninfa. "With the help of God, everything will come out all right." And turning into a whirlwind, he rushed away. Ninfa knocked on the door of the castle, and a servant come out. "In what may I serve you?" asked the servant. "I would like to see the prince." "Senora," answered the servant, "you cannot see him at this moment. He just got married and now is dancing with the new princess." ~ "Well, if that is the case, Senor, at least let me come in and see this baile. I have never seen such a magnificent baile." The servant told Ninfa, "I am going to let you come in, but one condition, that you be careful and not let the bride see you. Since you have not been invited, the bride would be angry at seeing you here." Ninfa entered the castle and saw her husband, the prince, eating at a table and surrounded by his guests. She flattened herself against the wall. From there she began trying to attract the prince's attention. The prince kept on talking; he had not seen the poor Ninfa. She tried so hard to get the prince's attention that the bride saw her. The prince had been tricked by an evil witch! With her magic she had blinded the prince and made him marry her. The prince then saw Ninfa and recognized her immediately. He told the servants to bring Ninfa to him, but with the noise nobody heard him. The witch screamed at her servants, "Run that beggar out!" The servants were about to lay their hands on Ninfa when the girl broke one of the magic nuts the wizards had given her. In an instant Ninfa turned into a little rat which ran hither and yon. When the witch saw this, she turned into a huge cat which began to chase the rat. The rat sprang atop the prince's table, and onto his plate. There Ninfa broke another nut and turned into a grain of rice which became lost among many on the prince's plate. The cat also jumped on the table, turning instantly into a chicken which began to eat the rice. Ninfa then broke the other nut and turned into a coyote which ate the chicken in one bite. Ninfa then was transformed back into human form to be reunited with the prince. The prince took Ninfa quickly to the lake and they thanked the setting sun for giving them a second chance. A story of faith, sacrifice and obedience that allows us to HOPE for living happily ever after.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Frida Society

When one retires, one needs something to do! What group can one join that can positively make a difference in the livlihood of another?  Good question!  Click the red link and join at NO COST to you but your smile and encouragement. The Frida Society  will come together for their first meeting in January on Monday January 11, 2016 at 10:00 am at PRANGO in La Floresta.  What a thrill it is to live at Lakeside and participate by sharing your ideas.
The Frida Society (TFS) was organized to help expats get out of the house, with a focus on the genius, the craft, the traditions, the resilience of the Mexican people. TFS is an open door to all the Maverick persons who were brave enough to move to Mexico.  The purpose is simple.  Let us come together and celebrate each other.  Do you need something to fill your days?  Do you have an idea of how to make a difference in your community?  Do you long to get involved in something worthwhile?  Okie dokie then, join TFS.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Exotic Plants

Plants and trees that I got in San Antonio and Riberas at various shops have not thrived as well as the blooms that I purchased from ROSARIO at FLORA EXOTICA.  They have acres of ferns, trees, palms, shrubs, cactus and flowering plants for this edge of the equator.  Their plantation is located just across the street from Wal-Mart.  The kiddo pool and slide park is adjacent to this family business.  The address is: Libramiento Carretera Chapala-Jocopotepec No 2.  Call Rosario, she is delightful and she speaks English. She is very helpful and knows what grows best where. (376) -766-1633

Monday, November 9, 2015

2015 Turkey in Mazatlan

Dan and Joy and Mr Ed and his bride Betty are joining us for our 2015 Turkey Trip to Mazatlan. We favor the drive, the beach, and the close proximity of mucho activity in Mazatlan.  God has been extremely good to us and we have so much to be thankful for. We have been to Puerto
Vallarta twice and for turkey in 2014 we stayed at the all inclusive RIU.  The hotel was land scaped nicely but we did not rest well do to the all night parties. At the PV RIU, with
unlimited liquor in each room, and at each hotel food buffet, it makes the perfect formula for a sleepless night. On our May 2015 visit we ate at the Freeman and asked to
see a room.  The Ocean view rooms rent for about $70 USA per couple and they are fabulous.  The Freeman is a boutique hotel with only 72 rooms.
It has a rooftop infinity pool with a grand vista of the entire town.  Free WIFI and parking for guests. The hotel sits directly across the street from the longest
malecon in Mazatlan. There are many fine spots to dine within walking distance and you can rent a bike for an hour to cruise the malecon for only 70 pesos.  A golfcart cab will take you into old town, or over to the brand new MEGA store, Walmart or Home Depot for shopping. The malecon bustles with activity each night with strolling walkers, and zooming bike riders. AGAIN, book your room thru HOTEL.COM to get the best rate and collect points towards a FREE night in the hotel of your choice. ADDRESS: Av. Camaron Sabalo N 777, Zona Dorada Mazatlan, 82110, SINALOA, MX 
Phone: +52 6699894400
Fax: +52 6699894400
Toll Free Reservations:
866 509 3895
Check In3PM (15:00)
Check Out12PM (12:00)

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Grand Cosala Spa

This was the ultimate Disneyland for women celebrating our recovery.  Right off the Carretera across from the Racket Club entrance. We enjoyed hot mineral springs, shady swing areas, and an outdoor river rock steam room. My special girls met for one year in my casa.  What a treasured memory!
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A group of 20 women will take steps to gather at Hotel Villa San Francisco on the second Thursday each month beginning on July 9, 2015.  This Lakeside group of women will come together to frolic through the words of selected FICTION books and/or simply come to mingle and chit chat about this and that.  This club was born to give women a lovely spot to congregate, in a setting surrounded by green grass, whispy trees, twittering birds and enjoy all sorts of entertaing characters, in the books, and around our tables. For more information about the location and books we will be discussing, click this link: Lakeside Book Club

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Cobblestone Comfort

If you have good feet, protect them with good shoes.  If you have bad feet, bone spurs, plantar fascitis, or any other hobbling challenge, buy TEVA's from TEVA online for walking, and buy authentic San Miguel Shoes at Mi Mexico in Ajijic, Jalisco.  Drive down the Carretera and park near the light on Cologne.  Walk down Cologne, past the Ajijic plaza and Bancomer Bank, across from Tango restaurant, and ahhhh, walk into Mi Mexico and fully delight your female senses.  Clothing, jewelry and the shoes are all fabulous!  English is spoken, credit cards are accepted and you will enjoy the garden setting. Shop and Smile as these tootsie protectors are only 500 pesos each...roughly at todays awesome rate of 14.40 about $34.00!!!

Friday, October 30, 2015


We are so thrilled to learn more about the Mexican culture, and how they perceive gringos who fail to greet strangers on the street with "Buenas Dias" (BD) .  Gringos are considered cold and rude if we fail to greet with a smile and a simple BD. It is also considered GOOD BREEDING while honoring your mother to say "Buen Provecho" to a table of strangers sitting next to you in a restaurant.  In a cafe the culture of Mexico will NEVER bring your tab to the table PRIOR
to your asking for the check.  To bring the check before you ask is like asking you to leave the restaurant. So do not be dismayed, simply ASK with a smile "La Cuenta, por favor." Also when gringos meetup with friends, people you see every week, hug them and say "Buenas Dias, Como Estas?" You greeted with a question "Good morning, how are you?" Their response will be "Bien gracias" or "Bien, Bien". When you depart as friends it is proper to say "Adios, Hasta Luego"
Which means "God be with you, see you later". In Mexico men and men, or men and women, or women and women greet each other with a hug and a kiss on the cheek .  Mexican men and women do NOT get jealous when you hug their mates, but they do think you unfriendly if you do not! ALSO the Mexican tradition of celebrating the dead has become somewhat Americanized.  Do not be alarmed by the "Katrina dolls" that line the malecon in Chapala during the last week of October.  The day of the dead Skeleton dolls are festively adorned to cause smiles while remembering loved ones that have died.  Passing out candy and wearing scary costumes is not the Mexican tradition. SHOP COURTEOUS: If you are in Guadalajara or in Chapala shopping and a clerk approaches say "Solamente estoy viendo, gracias"  You are politely saying "I am just looking, thank you".  If they speak in their native speed, which is often too fast for gringo comprehension, simply say "Despacio por favor, no hablo espanol muy bien"  You have asked graciously "Slowly please, I don't speak Spanish very well". It is wise to join LCS in Ajijic. Find LCS on corner of Septimbre and Cologne in Ajijic.The Lake Chapala Society of Expats offers great bus trips and Spanish classes. WELCOME to MEXICO! 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pueblo Magico

Merry Christmas 2015!  What a gift of God's favor it is to have our fair city of Chapala being primed for induction into the hall of fame of Mexico! We have been the happy recipients of many street improvements over the last year in Chapala. Our city has spent three million pesos to improve the image of
Chapala. In the month of December 2015, Avenida Ignacio Madero is enjoying a major facelift that includes new plants along the median and curbs painted in the Pueblo Magico offical colors. A catalog of buildings that make up Chapala's architectural heritage is underway.  The principal aim of local public works is to enhance the appearance of the towns historic center. Juicy
funding for each PM will be 400 million pesos in 2016 to spend on improving Tourism and 4 billion pesos in 2018. To gain recognition for PM status, Chapala City Hall has been restored and a new Centro Mercardo has been replenished with new benches for our Taxi service. Our new Mayor Javier Degollado is determined to get Chapala incorporated into the Pueblos Magicos (PM) program. There are a total of 111 towns in Mexico that now boast of the Pueblo Magico brand. In the
state of Jalisco PM towns include Tequilla, Moreno, Talpa de Allende, Tpalpa, Mascota, Mazamitla and hopefully Chapala. The PM scheme will be applied as one enters Chapala, and
within the City limits it will focus on the grand water front homes and the historic Railway Station that was built in 1920.  The street that runs in front of the Train Station and in front of Christiana Park and Cruz Roja is just down the street from our has been re-cobbled with a walkway and rest benches down the median, which is our new foot route to the malecon.