Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Steve Warwick is the Lakeside guy to lean on for all your remodeling or repairs. Our patio BEFORE Steve's magic, and below the AFTER Steve's improvements.  Tiling the back sun baked wall will prevent future maintenance.  The water fall works, and the entire patio was artfully screened in. Steve has built homes in Guadalajara, and remodeled in Cosala at the Racket Club. We contracted Steve to upgrade, remodel and design. CLICK into his website here: Steve Warwick and get a quote.  He keeps pretty busy, so call him in advance to get on his calendar.  General Construction, electrical, plumbing, custom iron work, swimming pools, septic. Steve honors his guaranty on all work and systems installed. STEVE CELL: 045-331-135-0763
Steve customized security screens on back patio, installed front door screen, installed ceiling fans, built a fireplace, built a custom hall closet, installed a water pressure system,  installed two air conditioning units, repaired roof leaks, painted the interior and exterior of our casa and installed a carport cover. We were referred to ABE to steam clean our tenaco and ajibe. Every six months one should have water tanks STEAM cleaned if you live in Chapala.  Abe's fee is only 1,500 pesos or $102 USA. CALL for Steve and Abe's great helping hands. ABE cell 331-480-6028

Saturday, January 17, 2015


The best way and the fastest route to obtain your Permanent Resident GREEN CARD, or your temorary card in Mexico is to hire Spencer the attorney in Chapala.  You must begin the process at the Mexican Consulate office in the USA City nearest your home in the states. The USA Mexican Consulate will stamp your passport with a six months visa once they accept all documents that they require. Spencer will need your passport, and a copy of the expiring VISA from the airline you flew in on, or the VISA you obtained at the border driving in.  His fee is only 5500 pesos and his staff keeps you up to date via email throughout the process.  Many try to do it on their own, but found that they were always missing some piece of information.  Spencer's staff has a good reputation and has taken the time to develop relations at the Immigration office.  It is WORTH it to just pay Spencer and decrease certain hassles.
A link to Spencers website is found on the right under HOT LINKS. You will have to obtain pro photos taken at a specific place, Spencer will direct you. On the same day you pick up your GREEN CARD, sign the register at the Immigration office on Hidalgo and request a CURP card.  There is no fee, the CURP card is kind of like a social security card in Mexico and you will need it to obtain Mexican health insurance at either IMSS or SEGURO POPULAR and your senior discount card. Call Spencer and book your appointment: 331-592-3801 - His office is on Hidalgo, lakeside SEE first photo above.

Saturday, January 3, 2015


The pleassure of a luxury spa day in an expensive spa does not last. The cost does nothing to purify and cleanse the soul. We were chosen by God and regarded as His treasure, not for our exterior appearance, but because our interior soul is His precious dwelling place. Going to His word, is to take a free trip to God's spa. Last night I watched "One night with the King" A movie that vividly brings the story of Queen Esther alive. Esther was required to stay in a spa for an entire year before she was chosen. She was bathed for six months with oils of myrrh and another six months with perfumes(Esther 2:12). Preparing her to come into the presence of the King, she was made to wait an entire year while seven ministering attendants took care of her every need. Over a year Esther had time to think of what whe would say, and what she would wear when she was called before the King. In the movie it was clear that the King found her mind, body and soul attractive. Her true beauty, her captivating essence was deeper than her appearance. Esther was a Jew that recited God's word to the King and His choosing of her as his queen was a testimony to what she treasured most, her relationship with God. Becoming the beauty that God recognizes as a personal treasure is to discover the hidden treasures of His word. Inner beauty glistens in the presence of the Holy Spirit, who delights to find a soul willing to seek God's word as if it were rubies and gold. God chooses us as we were found, covered in fear, doubt, shame and He makes us new creatures in Christ. "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, (she) is a new creation," Paul wrote, "the old is gone, and the new has come!"
2 Corinthians 5:17 - Amazing Makeovers occur when we choose to spend a spa day with the indwelt Master makeover artist, the Holy Spirit - the one sent by our Father, as Jesus promised. Open 24 hours a day, the price of admission has been paid in full. Thank you Father! AMEN

Thursday, January 1, 2015