Friday, December 6, 2013


Christmas 2009 at Miss Sheri's. Sheri sold us our Galt home in 2012. Sheri Midgley hosts her annual gift exchange on 12/14/13. A fabulous sit down dinner is wonderfully prepared by her son Michael Midgley, the TOP CHEF reality TV star! Her smile lights up the room along with Christmas decorations that spin, chime and sing! CLICK the PHOTO and it enlarges - how many santa's do you see? Her Old Fashioned Tudor home was part of the 2009 Christmas Lights Tour to raise money for AIDS. This fa la la event has been going on for at least 10 years now and each year the laughter and joy increases with new first time guests! Debby Larsen was also lit up and overflowing with praise for her daughter, the soon to be published author of a new childrens book series! Snippets of the first of five adventures can be read online. Just google the main character named ADAM WESLEY, or become a fan on Jenelle Maloy's facebook. What a grand group of mostly single women who all have so much to be thrilled about! A birthday club of these amazing Mavericks started more than 10 years ago. Sheri, Diana, Debby, Kathy, Terry and Barbarito all went to Capitola in June for Diana's 60th! And for Barb's 60th, the party will be in Ajijic! Today Diana Cloos beamed joy for having been accepted into Jenelle's exclusive writing group as she begins to author her first book in 2010! Today Katie took home the giant reindeer as the most coveted gift! There was at least 20 santa's and 10 snowmen that were gifted, stolen and retired! Christina, Ellen, Kathy, Sheri, Diana, Debby and Barbarito sat giggling together and marveled how time flies!