Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Unleashed without boundaries, without a limit of fresh air to breathe, without an edit of any emotion, we embark upon unknown trails, without a compass, but in complete FAITH, with a destination, but without the need for a life jacket, with GREAT expectation, we explore, we stretch to utilize our gifts and bless others. With FREEDOM to roam about the planet and bring GREAT NEWS into 22 countries! Our resolve is tested and proved, and our spirits are refreshed by legions of others who have gone before us! In a CLEAR COLORFUL VISION ~~~ We can imagine ourselves laughing with the locals of Chapala as they attempt to teach us about their health and economic needs. With excitement they embrace us and help us with correct pronunciation of their dialect. Walking along the malecon and up the stony streets I bump into and thrill at surprising encounters. Flowers and people seem to bloom and emerge easily inside unkempt, imperfect, unexpected places. Suddenly a stretch of tall trees with enlarged trunks rise to wave my eyes to LOOK UP, beyond my past, and there I stand riveted by God's absolute BEST! Oh YES, as I depart from what is known along highway 88, evergreen and ever available for my eyes to see, for my ears to hear, for my spirit to connect, for my hands to touch, for my feet to tred, I feel unleashed, but not unprotected as I walk the streets of Ajijic, La Floresta and Chapala. An uncharted village that responds with giddyness to the bromide elixir that the lake emits. A cobbled street runs thru La Floresta to connect Chapala and Ajijic. This stroll allows your eyes to witness horses and children at play without an ordinance! A rich spot where artesians yearn to stay and participate in the MAGIC of artsy AJIJIC and the PACE of unbridaled IMAGINATION in downtown Lake Chapala. Johnny's Mama's Bar features live entertainment on Wednesday and Saturday. A special of the day is fish fillet with rice and salad for about $6.00 USA. Saturday enjoy Party Time Music 5:00PM to 7:30PM. "Saturday Afternoon Ladies Drink Special" of 2 for 1 margaritas and 10 peso draft beer. Lunch special Camarones (shrimp) al gusto with rice and salad for $8 USA dollars. JOHNNY's MOMMA is located behind Mail Boxes Etc. near Super Lake. There is also a Sailing Club in La Floresta which offers sails around Lake Chapala on Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings. See Comment below this post for details. Adventures await as the surrounding forested places give oxygen to the villages within the state of Jalisco. As we abide in Him where EVER we travel, we rest in His hands as He opens the doors for our safe passage. My hopes, dreams and best plans have always been surpassed when it comes to swallowing fully that which has been made possible for my senses to intake. With our anchors pulled up we float freely among English speaking people that blend with the birds of paradise -- mix it up within a culture of a Mexican fishing community and feel GLEE! A brief glimpse of what "is" would allow any person to witness the simple truth --- that regardless of language, color, education or the economy - we are united by our reverance for untamed, natural beauty. Trusting God, staying surrendered to the AWE filling of His Spirit that abides, my path is filled with WONDERS to behold! May 2013 and Casa De La Luz will be placed in the name of Michael and Barbara Hoyle! Women of truth, grace and spirit. Mothers, daughters, global FEM felines, and California gurls TAKE NOTE: Dreams do come true! I TRUST GOD and His plan to BLESS ME! Indwelt by the Spirit of God, my body responds to color, music, food and the elements of nature -- a woman finds out her unique best in Mexico. We discover that we are here to experience God's love as we marvel in all that He has so abundantly provided. Raise your hand CHICA if you dream in color! Sway your hips WOMAN if music moves you! It sounds corny but popcorn is the same in the US or MEXICO. Pop culture pops up where EVER we travel --- Yet the seed of truth POPS and unites us as we bloom where we are planted. In Lake Chapala a soul is surrounded by a vast field of peace in the heart. We are cultivated by Love's way of placing us where our talents are needed. Indeed we are raised according to our bent. Taking focus on our unique personality, we flourish and our purpose fulfills. Watching, listening and ever AMAZED, we are the "BE" in being unleashed. Going forward fueled by a wealth of friends and a flavor rich past, I am packing light, wearing a LOVE that cannot be worn out, my heart overflows and I GO to where I am FREE to be ME. "He has commanded His angels concerning you." Therefore easily and confidently "I cast all my anxiety on Him, because He cares for me." You are Beautiful Barbara. You are unleashed. You are gentle. You are loved as you are. You are imaginative. You are inspiring. You are courageous. You are wise. You are protected. TRAVEL assured of lasting PEACE!