Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Decade Moon

It was awesome! Did you look up on New Years Eve 12-31-09? Over Lake Chapala, outside with Grace, we both looked up and saw a huge full moon with a gigantic halo around it!


  1. 2009 ended with cosmic fireworks. Did you look up on New Years Eve? Did you see the FULL MOON with a huge HALO around it? We were magically blessed with a Lunar Eclipse of mythical proportions on 12-31-09!

    Anything said, felt, wished for, thought on this magical eve, is hugely amplified. A most powerful portal was opened that enables us to create a whole new reality. Feelings of love, thoughts of graditude, peace and our inner joy overflows, as everything we experienced on December 31, 2009 in our inner being, and in our outer environmnet redirected our course for many months to come.

    We now face the future reassured that we are destined to journey together with like minded individuals. For those of you who have not yet found their true spirit partner, this is the day to know deep in your heart that this being is already in your life on an inner plane. Your certainty will create the vibration to attract him/her on a physical level.

    On December 31, 2009 those who were aware of the inner stirring, the cellular environment of rebirth occured with an exciting experience of their true roots. Knowing where one feels the happiest? Where is ones true home? Where do we feel safe and nurtured? Where does our soul soar? On December 31, 2009 we found our joy, we felt reconnected with the creativity we had as a child. We courageously and plafully followed our bliss. We believe in our uniqueness. The more we use our own special talents, the more glorious our path becomes. Our vocation needs to be, or become, a labor of love. How do we contribute to society in alignment with our body, our mind, our emotions, our soul and our spirit? How do we communicate our wisdom with love from a place of deep knowingness of our truth? As we follow our hearts, financial abundance is created.

    We are freeing ourselves from any past, old worn out conditioning, belief and untruth that may have been binding us. We are are becoming true co-creators aware of the power of our thoughts and our feelings to manifest a whole new reality in 2010 and beyond.

    In 2010, seek the tranquility of nature or of quiet spaces throughout the day and regenerate at a cellular level positive beliefs about what the future holds without doubt or fear. It is important that we protect our bedrooms from unwanted electronical devices and undue noise or negative vibrations. The place where we sleep needs to become a sanctuary of peace as much is happening in our dreams, visions, prayers and meditation. We are being opened wide to the magic of the cosmos and connecting to the sacredness of our soul.

    I wish you all the most MAGICAL new year 2010 in every possible way, from the beauty and power of the tropical jungle in Utica, Colombia with my Beloved. In Loving Light.

    Michelle Karén M.A.,

  2. SI SI SI--- on New Years Eve, December 31, 2009, I was in Ajijic, outside at La Posasa Nueva, the Mariachi band was playing, my soul was soaring, and I looked up and said "there is a halo around the moon!" Grace and Michelle looked up and they both wrote uplifting words to me on our table Feliz Anyo Nueva card. We shared unspeakable JOY together!