Friday, December 31, 2010


Picture this, visualize the best, believe in what is, and speak graditude for the possibility of life outside the box of limitation. WOW such an invitation to consider expanding who I am, and what I can prepare for in the next decade. 2011 is a welcomed time of change! In the past decade the world was FREED from the 2000 fear of computers crashing, and we were also awakened by the cry of wall streeters lamenting over stocks plummeting. ALAS, we came to KNOW that our souls were built to last through eternity regardless of the economy! Looming ahead in 2011 is the grand mystery that says "come follow Me" ~ "trust Me when I say that you were born for the purpose of bringing God pleasure in your childlike AWE as you seek to be more like Him that sent you. Therefore, with great clarity and confidence, I climb one step at a time, one moment at a time, towards the light and I am raptured by the surprising, unsurpassed ways of my Lord! What this world has become shall NOT decrease my hope in the morrow! The bright light ahead bekons promise and adventure. Trust I must the hand of God that provides more than my mind can conceive. Expecting that doors will be opened, that His way shall prevail! Trusting His lead ~ I purchased Casa De La Luz on 12/30/09! Amusing and confusing the mystery of HOW was that possible, I humbly give thanks for His ways are not mine. (This was originally written on 12/24/09 after packing for my first adventure to Lake Chapala) Oh God, I thank You in advance for the plans You have in store for me. I greet each day expecting to be pleasantly surprised and more and more good pours into the frame of my daily experience. Halleluiah ~ All praise be to God, the Creator of all GOOD! ~ 2011 will be Heaven on earth as I follow Him, trust and obey. AMEN!