Sunday, October 12, 2014

Columbus Day in Mexico

A cultural festival wrapped around the traditions of ancient Mexico occurs on Columbus Day weekend each year around Lake Chapala.  It is called "La Fiesta del Tambor which is tied to the October 12th commemoration of "Dia de la Raza".  We enjoyed the toe tapping performances of native percussion dancing.  As a new permanent residents of Chapala, Mike and I were immersed into our new culture by invitation of Bill and Bonnie.  Bill is a well known baseball sports writer Experience Mexican Baseball and his lovely wife Bonnie blogs her reviews on local eateries FOODIES DELIGHT.  As well fed ex-patriots, we were thrilled to
become familiar with the pre-Hispanic era of Lakeside. This annual tradition is Mexico's way of combining their indigenous past with the current flood of expats. The initial expats were from Spain. We continue to celebrate the year 1492 when the La Nina, La Pinta and La Santa Maria ships landed and marked the discovery of the New World. October 12 is also my son's birthday and this year we are separated by a few miles, but our hearts remain connected. It was a lovely way to celebrate the NEW BIRTH of my son, and of my first year as a permanent resident of Chapala.  Using SKYPE I called my son and wished him the best on this very special Columbus Day!

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