Friday, October 3, 2014


We are all pre-destined, and my calling crystalized in 2009. God led my thoughts to consider where I would retire and serve kids in need. After my dad died in 2006 and visiting with my brother in Loreto, Baja in 2008, the opportunity to build a home in Mexico became a dream. Faced with my mortality and desiring in my heart to make a difference before I depart, I asked God..."what will You have me do?" When and where will Barb live out her golden years? To live a life without borders is to live in obedience to God.
To love as God loves ~ is to love the aliens, the orphans, the widows, the lost, the broken and those in different cultures, churches and countries. God is Spirit and He loves without boundaries, or borders. The Spirit of God infiltrates the mind, body and soul of anyone who surrenders their limited ways to His. As we become more like Him, we focus on what pleases the Lover of our soul. We begin to quickly forgive, and issue massive mercy and grace to all who He brings within the reach of our smile and our willing hands. God invites all people to the wedding banquent, BUT because few choose Him, few enter the party He has planned for those who love the Lord with all their mind, heart and soul.  Barb worked for ten years for a City plagued with crime and folks losing their jobs, homes and dreams. Being still in the midst of chaos, she listened and heard His still small voice. "Follow Me, trust Me, I am with You always." Barb was led to Chapala on Christmas eve 2009. Miraculously in 2006 the Lord changed the heart of her dad, Earl Alley.  Having been written out of her dads life since she was 17, Barb suddenly became the surprised benefactor of an inheritance which allowed her to build a new custom home in Mexico. INDEED all things are possible for those who love God! She did not employ blind faith, but she was empowered by the indwelt Holy Spirit to think clearly and rest assured in His safety. She arrived on Christmas day 2009 at Casa Del Sol, a lovely bed and breakfast in Ajijic. With absolute peace, she remained in the presence of the Lord without fear and walked the streets of Ajijic alone at night. Her faith in God and His promise to prosper her, not harm her was REAL!  English speaking Realtors  from Canada took Barb
to view the property she found on the internet before her trip. Was it a chance encounter or was it a divine appointment that Barb met the English speaking builder Michel Bureau? Without that providential meeting, it was confirmed by the surprised realtors that Barb would not have found the financing needed to puchase Casa De La Luz. In June of 2014, Barb obtained her permanent resident card and became a happy resident in a mid town barrio a few blocks from the lake. Skype allows her to cross all borders and stay in touch with all her family and friends for $80.00 USA per year. National Geographic Magazine boasts that Lake Chapala has the best weather in the world! It is in fact a tropical paradise with a mild temp on average of 78 degrees all year long! God's plan to live JOYFULLY in a less hectic pace and serve a happy, grateful people is GRAND! All that was required was to think beyond the border. In 2011 AARP reported a list of ten places to retire outside the U.S.A. In 2011 Chapala was number one for these reasons: Cost of living, Housing rates, Healthcare, and Cultural and recreational options. The world's largest English speaking LAKE CHAPALA SOCIETY of EXPATS also expands opportunities. Wisdom mingles with positive tips from those who actually uprooted themselves and moved to Mexico. Living outside your comfort zone requires risk and a willing spirit of adventure. Leaving family, and treading among a new culture is the most exhilarating way to learn! Consider what was required of Saul/Paul! God's light blinded Saul for three days. Paul's heart was changed, and his mind was illuminated by the truth of Who Jesus Christ is.  Saul had been a proud man, a man of high respect.  A man with many degrees of learning.
Saul was changed in an instant to a humble, willing servant who God renamed Paul. As we remain in His will, and as Mike and Barb continue to seek His Presence, God blessed us with new friends and a renewed sense of purpose. LOVE IN ACTION in Chapala and HOPE HOUSE for Boys gives us a chance to immerse ourselves in the language, and build eternal relationships. The Word of God that our HOPE is in God, the anchor of our soul, NOT in the City or the culture we live in. People are universal, and so are the needs of
the soul. The emptiness is the same in every culture. Without God, people place HOPE in things, or in people. The lesson is painful to discover that things and people will change.  GOD never changes. In 2009, as a single woman, a decision to TRUST GOD was made to move to CHAPALA without human counsel. Then God's plan spun Barbara completely around when He placed Michael Hoyle in her life. GOD is GREAT and He has NO BORDERS!  Living within God's plan and in His will is the greatest GIFT of ALL!
We trust God to give us His PEACE through our brief period of adjustment to the culture, and the slower pace of Mexico. We are glad to be unknown for what we have accomplished in the USA, and our JOY is increased to be known for the LIGHT we shed in the dark place of a single hopeless soul. Our identity is in Christ Jesus, NOT in anything that we have done in our own strength. Accepting His amazing ways as our own, our soul is humbled by how He leads us to love the local laundry lady Lupita, and our new adopted daughter Lucy, who greets me with kisses each week when she comes to clean our casa. My soul is swollen by the Holy Spirit, and flushed with HOPE to bring God glory! Repatriating one DAY at a time is a JOYFUL choice.
Barb WISELY followed the Lord and said YES to the opportunity to retire as a civil servant in the USA, to become a community servant in lake Chapala. With a budget of only $200 USA per month, we can afford to give generously at church and to those God places in our path.  By August of 2014 Barb was asked to lead a weekly women's group in her home for Celebrate Recovery and Michael was asked to facillitate a bible study in October 2014 at church.  JOY and LAUGHTER fill our days and we trust God has more FUN stuff for us ahead. We travel to Puerto Vallarta in October, and again with a bus load of expats for Thanksgiving in November 2014.  Our borderless God will confirm your reservation to serve in your town, or somewhere over the rainbo, beyond any place you could imagine.  TRUST HIM with your future and follow His lead.

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