Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Chapala Cuisine

LAKE TACO is located on the Libriemento next to the car wash, near the Pemex gas station in Ajijic.  If you stand in front of Walmart and look out from their front door, you are looking up towards the BLACK COFFEE house and the Libriemento. Lake Taco has the very freshest chicken salads and yummy fresh fish tacos.  A delightful atmosphere under a giant Palaypa. Enjoy a very satisfying lunch with a distant view of the lake.  Clean bathrooms are a plus to each restaurant recommended.

PARIS CAFE is located in Chapala right next to the Chapala town plaza. It is at the corner of Hidalgo and Ignacio (the main street of Chapala) near the big fountain.  My favorite dish is the Paris Cafe Omelet Especial. The omelet is served with a fresh salad drizzled with balsamic.  They also make the greatest milkshakes and cold coffee drinks.

TANGO is located in Ajijic on Cologne. You will enjoy high quality beef dishes at excellent prices. Cologne is the main street in Ajijic and Tango is down near the Malecon.

MARIA ISABELA'S is located in Ajijic at the very end of Cologne. The best dish here is the chicken fajita's. A great side order is the grilled zucchini.  Enjoy the sound of outdoor dining on a lapping lake with birds twittering in the gigantic centuries old Eucalyptus tree.

DELICIOS on Hidalgo near the IMS office in Chapala next to the hardware store.  It has the best waffle special. A waffle covered with carmel and walnuts, strawberries, bananas, and whip cream. The omelets are also very good. Recently they added a dinner menu and many locals dine here for the great value.

WAFFLE HOUSE is located in West Ajijic on the Carretera.  Strolling musicians will add great delight to every breakfast.  Wonderful coffee and atmosphere, and plenty of parking.

SIMPLY THAI is located in Ajijic directly across from the Lake Chapala Society on Septimbre. When your taste buds long for something special, enter their lovely garden atmosphere and depart satisfied.

SALVADORS in Ajijic is right on the Carretera in the El Torito shopping center. It opens at 7:30AM and they cater to the gringos with the best Chilaquiles in town. Enjoy two pancakes, bacon, eggs and coffee for as little as 60 pesos.

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  1. VIVA MEXICO Address: Porfirio Díaz 92, San Juan Cosala, 45820 San Juan Cosala, Jalisco, Mexico
    Phone:+52 387 761 1058 -- Off Carretera, TURN LEFT at only LIGHT after Racquet Club. TURN RIGHT at the church.