Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Lakeside Medicare

Medicare is accepted at Lakeside Medical Group which is located on the Careterra in Riberas.  The Department of Health and Human Services – 7500 Security Blvd – Baltimore, Maryland 21244-1850 sends out a Medicare health insurance booklet for USA citizens who are soon to be 65 years
old.  The Social Security Depart auto enrolls every person into Medicare Part A ( Hospital Ins) and Part B.  Part A is FREE, and Part B for a monthly premium.  In 2016 the monthly premium $121.80 for Part B will be automatically deducted from my social security check in the month that I turn age 65.  After
reading the WELCOME booklet and speaking to full time residents at Lakeside, I opted to KEEP the Medicare Card that was mailed with the welcome packet.  Supplemental care and benefits is explained on the Medicare website.  Lakeside Medical Group accepts Medicare Advantage programs. AARP offers the best Medicare Premium prices. NOTE:  Be sure and update your USA mailing address with the Social Security Administration –  California residents can make address changes on the Social Security website or mail correct address to: PO BOX 2000  Richmond, CA 94802-9902
MEDICARE PHONE: 800-633-4227 - AARP PHONE: 844-745-1355 LINK to AARP Advantage programs for your zipcode: AARP ADVANTAGE PLANS


  1. AARP website - click enroll now. Enter zip code, date of birth, enroll date. Supplement Plans available in your area will be listed. According to my sister Mary, an insurance executive, United Health Care is one of the largest insurance companies, accepted most everywhere. PLAN F supplement pays inpatient deductible for hospital stays and the deductible for Medicare PLAN B. PLAN F monthly premium in 2016 = $154.87 + $121.80 for PLAN B. TOTAL $276.67 monthly for great healthcare.

  2. Lakeside Medical Group in Riberas does take Medicare through these supplement providers: United Health Care, Humana, Signa, Etna, Blue Cross. Lakeside Medical 376-766-0395

  3. This seems to go against everything I have read about medical care in Mexico. If there is free care available for retired residents as well as inexpensive Medical Insurance, and the cost are 70% less than the US, Why would we pay for Part B and a supplement plan at US rates (which have increased for 2017?
    Is there something we are missing?

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