Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mexican Baseball is GREAT

Mike and I were thrilled to ride to Guad with "Zed" the man from the Lake Chapala Society in Ajijic who organized our van trip to the game.  We departed from the artistic rendering of the TRAIN WRECK in La Floresta at 9:45 am on a Sunday morning. We arrived at the fabulous Charros stadium
in time to watch the batters warm up. The 2014 season was Zed's first experience with the Charro team, and for this final Winter game in December, we were seated in the VIP section along with the family of the team members. Two van loads of rootin tootin baseball fans from all over the USA stood and cheered "Si Senor" with every base hit!  Vamanos Charros
Vamanos is another frequent shout!  Zed pointed out many items of interest along the one hour drive and he expects to get better seats with perhaps a pass through the dug out prior to the games of 2015. As a member of the Lake Chapala Society you get the benefit of discounts on the tickets as well as access to their online newsletter.  It is a wonderfull experience so check your calendar and plan on catching a few games this year and check out the bronze statue of Fernando Valenzuela.  He was a Charro before he became a Dodger!  Wear your teams hat and have FUN!!!

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