Saturday, April 15, 2017

CHAPALA Annual Tax/Fees

In Chapala, we get to PAY taxes in person, before Feb 28th each year and receive a 15 % discount.  We do NOT have to wait to get a bill in the mail, we simply bring last years receipt to City Hall to pay our Property Tax.   Pull a numbered ficha from the ticket dispenser and wait for that number to light up.  City Hall, the Simapa, and DMV offices are open from 9:00AM to 3:00 PM Mon - Fri.  The Numero de Cuenta is your account number.  The Chapala Water Bill office "Chapala Simapa" is located next to City hall.  The Chapala DMV for vehicle registration office address: Degollado 306. The DMV cashier only requires the car license plate number to access account documents. You pay in cash, pesos and receive car registration receipt and sticker for car immediately. PAY fee in January or February and get 400 peso discount.


  1. 2015 Water Simapa 1798 pesos = $123.00 USA
    2015 Property Tax 1062 pesos = $ 72.00 USA
    2015 Suzuki Tags 435 pesos = $ 29.00 USA
    2015 Villa Dues 3000 pesos = $ 205.00 USA

  2. LCS annual member fee for two = 950 peso / $66.00
    Amer Legion annual fee for two = 500 peso / $34.00
    Smog Car annual fee for Suzie = 250 peso / $17.00

  3. TODO/ALL for annual life in Mexico = $546.00 USA