Monday, December 1, 2014

Pastorale 2015 in Chapala

A funny public play that captures all who watch off guard. The intent is to use humor to speak the truth about the on going battle for the souls of ALL people. God conquers evil's attempt to get us to
ignore the birth, death and how Jesus defeated Satan and death to rise again. The play will take place in Ajijic, in the plaza next to the Casino and Movie Theatre. The date is Sat Dec 19 at 5:00pm. Bring your family, order a Trip Burger and be
blessed by this evangelical tradition. Pastorelas are plays that recreate the biblical passage wherein the shepherds follow the
Star of Bethlehem to find the Christ Child. In order to reach the birth place of our Redeemer, they must also experience a series of changes in fortune and confront the Devil. The devil is ever busy trying to prevent the Shepherds from completing their mission. It is at that moment that the Archangel Michael intervenes to
defend the shepherds on their journey. Well, that’s the general idea of the pastorelas. The fun part of the play is to watch those who are in attendance who have no idea what is going on. The pastorale is very different  from when  they were first presented hundreds of years ago.  It is one of  Mexico’s oldest traditions. Imagine that you are back when the Spaniards reached the New World and began to colonize its inhabitants, instructing them by using the common language of theatrics to deliver the message of Christ, our Savior. Jesus was born,
and died to take away all past, present and future sins. The play is not just a form of great family entertainment, but a way to communicate the ongoing battle of the Church against evil for the souls of God's people. The Franciscan monks arrived in the New World in 1524 and the Monks quickly became aware of the Mexican Indians artistic sensitivity and took advantage of it.  In order to evangelize the indigenous peoples en masse,  while explaining the message of Christ, they captured those who could not read or write by using dramatic acting and music.  We can respect and enjoy the culture of God's people in Mexico, by attending a Pastorale. God used Monks to bring His people in Mexico to believe in Jesus Christ, our Savior, born to deliver us that we may love others as He loves us.  You gotta just love these colorful people! AMEN

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