Saturday, December 20, 2014

VALUE at Villa Santa Paula

VIVA Chapala ~ What a gift! To be led by God to move to a new country and have all your needs met. Mike and Barb moved from gorgeous Galt to Lake Chapala in June 2014! We we delighted to give family and friends dishes, Christmas decorations, tools, linens, clothing, shoes, and garage items that are not needed in Mexico. We were able to be a blessing to others in our process of sizing down.  By not being attached to things, we were able to pass on our faith and our trust in God, by letting go of things that He may enrich us with the most valued possession of all....RELATIONSHIPS!
Wonderful neighbors surround us inside the security gates of Villa Santa Paula.  Albert, Jack, Virginia, Sergio and Cindy, Gary and Mila, Amy, Dan and Lynette, Maria, and Ricardo.  A grand shopping experience is just up Zaragoza off Pepe Guizar at the new Soriano Market.  The bus station that
takes us to Guadalaraja with friends is only 5 blocks at the corner of Calle Miguel Martinez and Francisco Ignacio.  We are also blessed with a bevy of friends at Lake Chapala Baptist Church in Riberas. A link to this church is found to the right on this blog, listen to Pastor Bob's sermons and feel renewed!  A short walk down ZARAGOZA and you arrive at the Malecon, the boardwalk that surrounds Lake Chapala. Retired from working for income, we now enjoy working full time for the Lord.  Living without financial concerns, we are living the abundant life, enabled to
be generous towards the needs of  others.  Our desire is to be a blessing, to be a difference maker, to shine a light where it is dark. Our souls have been conquered in Christ, chained to His chariot and He drives us safely over the cobblestones. We thank God for His plan and purpose for our lives. The airport in Guadalajara is only a 45 minute drive down a lovely road that swirls about the low ridge of mountains that surround the lake.
The city of Chapala is within 5 miles of Riberas, San Antonio, Chula Vista, La Floresta, Ajijic, and San Juan Cosala, in the State of Jalisco. Each town was built along the shores of Mexico's second largest lake. Mike and I are thrilled to learn more about the culture and be of service. What a blessing it is to live here as
a dual citizen of Mexico and the USA. God answered my hearts desire to where I could live and serve on a minimal retirement income.  In 1998, my brother's friends in Loreto directed me to check out Lake Chapala. Relying on the strength and courage of God going before me, I landed in Chapala on Christmas morning 1998.  I spent Christmas day with a family I had never met and it was
fantastically insightful and FUN! Trusting that God opened the door for me in Chapala, I arrived as a permanent resident in June 2014.  God is faithful and His provision of more than I need is marvelous!  He immediately arranged a ministry for me, in my home with women who live in my neighborhood.  He gave me new relationships at a new church, at Hope House, at Love in Action, and on the malecon. Mike and I lived at the RACQUET CLUB in January and February 2014 because our casa was rented out. We got to learn the city by taking the bus.  Hmmm, how does one say I am very happy? Mui Feliz! or to say I am very emotionally joyful. Estoy mui emotionada! 
God is full of surprises and as guests for two months, we joined Lake Chapala Baptist Church, and explored the entire lakeside area by foot and bus. Soul filling vistas all around, dotted with colorful people and tasty food. Our home is in the center of town and very near the old train station which has been restored to be used as a museum of fine art.
We celebrate and pray for our friends Eddie and Betty, Charles and Ruthie, Greg, Albert, Ron and Bobbi, Donna, Bernie, Gary and Mila, Dan and Joy, Lucy, Gary and Mila, Virginia, Amy, Dan and Lynette. Chapala is the place where God continues to stretch us, amaze us, bless us, grow us and use us. Casa De La Luz is a place where family and friends may rest safely in a happy environment of beauty. God went before me and opened doors and hearts to buy a casa with a surprise inheritance. God's plan to bless, not harm entirely true! CLICK this: BELIEVE, PRAY, RECEIVE


  1. FROM: CATHY - Ajijic January 3, 2010
    Thanks for sharing the pics -- you will enjoy looking at these awaiting your next visit to Lake Chapala!! There is a joy in each picture you took (especially after the totally grey, rainy day we had yesterday).

    Best regards,

    Cathy Roberts
    Casa del Sol Bed & Breakfast Inn
    Within Mexico: 376-766-0050
    Toll Free from U.S.: 1-866-403-9275

  2. FROM: SANDY SCHOON - Phoenix
    Happy New Year and congratulations on your Chapala home purchase. Would love to see the research you did on Ajijic. Having been back 3 days now I am missing the leisurely life style. We are going back in August for the Focus On Mexico. Gracias for the link to your Mexico research blog and the pictures! i SAVED IT ALL IN MY MEXICO FOLDER. SANDY

  3. FROM: Diana - Stockton Jan 3, 2010
    Wow! I am overwhelmed......and so excited that you have set your dream in motion. You are going for it and I am so happy for you!!! Loved all your pics and the overflowing of your
    JOY. Can hardly wait to see you and see the excitement in your face. Amen!! Jan, Kandi and I were talking about you and your travels today in church! Awe, wonder and excitement for you!! Love you loads, Diana

  4. SI SI SI--- on New Years Eve, December 31, 2009, I was in Ajijic, outside at La Posasa Nueva, the Mariachi band was playing, my soul was soaring, and I looked up and said "there is a halo around the moon!" Grace and Michelle looked up and they both wrote uplifting words to me on our table Feliz Anyo Nueva card. We shared unspeakable JOY together!

  5. WOW Barb!! I am excited for you! If you prayed it through and it is God's will then He will BLESS you abundantly! Love ya sista Jan
    (I will have to come visit, if God willing)

  6. FROM SUE and DAVID GREEN - Acampo
    We are so excited for you Barb! Gonna work on getting our passports so we can come visit. Love ya, Sue

  7. FROM My hero Captain Benito, mi hermano!
    Hey Sis - I want to hear all about your trip!
    Call me on SKYPE!
    Your bro

    Felicitaciones, Barbara! Such a huge adventure and one I know will be absolutely wonderful! A woman in my art class lives 6 months of the year in Ajijic. I'd never heard of it until her, and now you're moving there. Very exciting!!! I know your Spanish will just take off! What's your time frame? (Maybe I need to look at each photo more carefully.) Blessings galore be heaped upon you!

    DATE: Jan 3, 2009
    RESPONSE to my choice of Chapala!

    I read the blog viewed all the photos and descriptions especially Wendell O Homes quotation "A MIND STRETCHED TO A NEW IDEA NEVER RETURNS TO ITS ORIGINAL DEMINSIONS.”
    I learned on this planet its impossible to ever run out of new exiting places to explore unless old age or debility prevent the next sudden idea to be followed up on the spur. I never had the ability to learn a culture in one week like you as the idealistic "minister" with a great following.

    The Police Dept just doesn't seem the place for your extensive talents and enthusiasm about far off places, meeting streams of new people who also become instantaneous valued and trusted friends passing through on the conveyor belt of our ongoing movie called life... staying tuned