Wednesday, December 17, 2014

POWER WORDS in Spanish

In November we enrolled in a beginner Spanish class through the Lake Chapala Society in Ajijic. Necesito estudiar mi Espanol = I need to study my Spanish. Necesito deposito. I need to make deposit. Mi gusta! I like. Quiero ( kee air o ) I want. Porque = Why. Quiero comida sin picante = I want lunch without hot/spicy. Aqui = Here. Que = What. Donde = Where is. Como = How do you say. Con = With. Pero = But. Mas = More. Menos = Less. Todo = All. Nada = Nothing. Mi = My. Tus = Yours. Hoy = Today. Mas tardes = Later. Quanto Questa? How much is it? Donde es basura? Where is the trash? Donde es bano? Where is the bathroom? Peligro = Danger. Llenar tanque con Magna, por favor. Fill my tank with unleaded please. Como say yama? What is your name? Mucho Gusto = My pleasure. Necesito comprar regalo. I need to purchase gift. Si Senor = Yes sir. Vamanos = Lets go. Necesito pensar = I need to think. Quien = who. Y = and. Quiero pedir = I want to order. Un regalo para mi espouso = a gift for my spouse. Quiero invitarios a la iglesia = I want to invite you to church. Tengo que limpiar mi casa = I have to clean my house. Necesito ayuda con el neumatico desiflado = I need help with flat tire. Arriba = Up. Adios = good-bye. TORTE DE CUMPLEANOS = BIRTHDAY CAKE. Feliz ano nuevo = Happy new year. Egualamente = same to you. Gracias = thanks.

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