Thursday, April 7, 2011


Have you witnessed the moon rise above a shimmering lake? Did time stop when you were up close whilst hearing a Canadian goose nibble the moss? A quenched murmuring of certain graditude for the bounty. Did your flesh prickle in the breeze of twillight? Has your face been broiled rosy by a campfire? Heart warmed by the laughter? Soul satisfied by the sounds of life in the thicket? Is it time to surrender to the whimsy of meadows brimming wild bold flowers?
I think so! Stretching my boundary a few miles away from what is known --- with a purpose to drown my senses with a spectacular canvas of color yet to be named among a thriving metropolis of ground hogs. Witness the tiny heads pop up in the midst of lavendar and orange. Agree with a "YES" inside knowing that this is what inspired cowboys to saunter on horseback to a place called THUNDER MOUNTAIN. At Plasse's Resort tiny white necked birds worbel, chipmunks scurry, and geese feast in this bit of Sierra Heaven! Hmmmm, why wait until summertime to hear the bird symphony? An afternoon rightly perched at the Pirates Lair for a run along the river would do me good. Maybe a quick stride round Lodi Lake? Perhaps a slow saunter to the West on Highway 12? ALAS, a true tale of pirates found just 25 miles from home flying the way of the crow. Once crowned as the Poetess of Korth, is it time to leisure once again with a good book? With body cradled in a Aiderondack, my soul stirs to the gentle lapping of the Delta. Why not drive a bit west and take a rest? It tis Spring and time to renew~KAYAKS-TO-GO - A two hour drive going EAST on Highway 12 onto HWY 88 towards TAHOE. Not to far from Jackson is BEAR LAKE RESORT. Just 25 miles down from Silverlake; Cables Lake; Red Lake; Blue Lake - a kayakers morning choice of 18 manicured greens surrounded by lakes! Paddling across quiet clear waters, without green fees, snyc a whole in one view of Sierra Pines standing tall all around. Take plenty of time to draw each breath, and greet the wild that blossoms in the spring. Bucket list items to be checked off - Enjoy long weekends exploring the Alpine lakes nearby. DOING IT NOW as opposed to waiting just seems like the right thing to do! The last weekend of July each year is a TRADITION at Silverlake Family Camp. The photo of my ANNUAL cabin for a luxury weekend in silence with a grand PUT IN SPOT at Silverlake. Yeah - kinda hard to top this BLISS! The signs reminding: SLOW DOWN - watch your DUST. Whoa- slowed down, walk a path up through the tall people, the vertical towers of strength that vibrate elation simply for the air! Not making a sound, not disturbing the peace of dust, treading gently, smiling softly. Same time next year, sittin royal round a circle of friends. Driving the Delta Loop on a Sunday in July coming home from a weekend in Santa Rosa, visiting with Momma Mia - Daydreaming and wondering about Korth's Pirates Lair. Rode the thin road that hugs the Delta, the water was standing up to catch the Delta Breeze.....the view of Mt. Diablo crystal clear. A writers paradise, Korth is only 24 miles from my front door. The address is Isleton just 48 miles east of Napa Valley's elegant DOMAINE CARNEROS. Bay area folks escape their concrete landscape to mix among the Valley of the Moon residents. Toasting beauty with a goblet of wine listening to JAZZ with a long vista of vineyards. Like manicured avenues stretching with a design to please, a garden for all sensory, a must see. Create a fantasy weekend with a westward drive along highway 12 towards Sonoma to breakfast at The Boon Fly. A red barn structure the entrance that disguises a sprawling acrerage of country French styled units. Great service, food and atmosphere! Narrow streets that take you on a curve! Could not have imagined what I saw. A cottage dining room - no walls between the outdoor fireplace and a private spa. Masterful suites featuring alfresco bathing. Wonder about showering outside in the rain? Open air, heated teak boards for your feet, and blue skies make for a marvel anytime. Sparkle in the sun inside fantastic intended detail to enhance comfort while experiencing joy at full blossom and marvel at God's decadent extravagance! Take in all the sights, breathe the rich aroma of grapes, tiny cafes, sudden stands of giant Eucalyptus, farmers, a variety of charm, the connectedness of each discovery. All splurges made possible with trust that the best is yet to come. Each destination a short drive from the Valley of San Joaquin.

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