Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Drive to Chapala

It takes 14 hours to drive from Manteca, Calif to Nogales, Az. This great map shows the route through Phoenix. Perhaps a short visit with my sister Mary in Carefree, then onto Chapala. An expat suggested this border crossing. CHECK LIST: Passport, Mexico car insurance, and a Garmin with a Mexico chip. See TRAVEL link on right for fantastic hotels along this sumptuous path.
View Larger Map Drag mouse hand over map and follow coastal towns down to Guadalajara. With an overnight in Nogales, Az - it is another 20 hours to arrive in Guadalajara. Checking into a hotel in Navojoa, or Los Mochis, has been advised by an expat who drives this route several times a year. One more day of driving the toll roads to enjoy lunch in Mazatlan. Bypass the town of Cullacan! The worst part of the drive (most is very good) is between Mazatlan and Tepic. A winding and not a divided highway - where you must drive safely among big trucks. Be sure to fill up a LOT because there is a stretch on the other side of Mazatlan where there is almost NO Pemex gas stations! Expats advise to get off at El Rosario and go into the pueblito to fill up if necessary! Be sure to get the chip for the GARMIN GPS which has perfect directions to the state of Jalisco, City of Guadalajara, within the country of Mexico. SEE links of AWE on right, click Garmin. My casa at Santa Paula entrance gate at 69 Estacion, Chapala. My auto trip to Chapala in May 2011 will be another grand adventure. My Subaru most affectionately named "Earl" will be loaded with artwork, flowers, clothes, shoes and cocina utensils to partially decorate and bless my personal Shangri-la! Perhaps at that time, the model furnishings will become another blessing for a special price.


    January 5, 2010

    Thanks for the gift Barbie. If all our clients were as focused and well informed as you our job would be a lot easier. You are a delight to work with. Your new friends, Don and Linda

  2. FROM: Kristina Morgan, Chapala Focus on Mexico
    January 4, 2010

    Barb, I'm so happy for you that everything has just glided into place. When it's meant to be that's how it happens. Thanks for your kind words about Psychostasia. Aren't they great!? And of course, I love the TallBoys too. :) I still have your little book. Let me know what you would like me to do with it and I'm sorry we didn't get together again before you left. I'll try to meet up with Don and Linda soon. Gracias!