Friday, April 1, 2011

Ocotlan, Jalsico

Ocotlán was founded in 1530. Two main cathedrals line the plaza. One is the church named La Purisima ("The Most Pure"), which is one of the oldest buildings in Jalisco. The altar is dipped in gold. The other cathedral, more recent than La Purisima, was built in the late 1800s and dedicated to Nuestro Señor de Misericordia (Our Merciful Lord), which honors a vision of the crucifix on October 2, 1847. After a large and powerful earthquake destroyed most of the city, including the original church, the following day, a Sunday, when the faithful were attending a Mass outside of the destroyed church, a vision of the crucifix was claimed to have been seen. Ocotlán borders Poncitlán and Tototlán and is only fifty minutes east-southeast from the city of Guadalajara. It is located on the northeast end of Lake Chapala, Mexico's largest lake. Greenville, South Carolina is a sister city to Ocotlan. As of 2005 the city of Ocotlán had a population of 81,165. The new Library and Media Center Fernando del Paso recently opened to the public and is operated by the Universidad de Guadalajara. This modern building is inspired by the lineal constructions of the university center. With an impressive lobby of multiple heights in which the main elements of the visual composition of the space are the books themselves. The building was designed by the young architecture firm LeAP, based in Guadalajara.

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