Monday, December 21, 2015

Great Talent at Lakeside

In December 2015, once again, a fantastic evening to be held inside Club Exotica (the ballroom behind El Jardin in Ajijic) to help support various charities around Lakeside.  Mac Morison is 87 years young and he gets a standing ovation each year!!! The show included elegant dancers, a very funny comedian from California and duets by Mac and Judy Jordan Hendrick and Patrick
DuMouchel.  The event was appropriately entitled "Nice & Easy" because the tunes were by many legendary greats like Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble. There were also theme songs that celebrated great performances in old time movies that we love.  Patrick energized the crowd with "The Copa" and Judy honored Etta James with her silky voice highlighting "At Last". Mac out did himself with many solo love songs, but one of my favorites was "Mack the
Knife".  There are many opportunities to volunteer at Lakeside, and there are ways you can serve and have FUN!!! LYRICS that UPLIFT: At last love has come along, my lonely days are over, and life is like a song. Ohh yeah yeah...At last, the skies above are heart was wrapped up in clover...the night I looked at you. I found a dream, that I could speak to, a dream that I can call my own. I found a thrill to press my cheek to...a thrill that I have never known. Ohh yeah smile, you smile...Oh and then the spell was cast, and here we are in heaven, for you are mine at last.  AT LAST Songwriters: GORDON, MACK / WARREN, HARRY

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