Saturday, December 5, 2015


Magic is the release of a mind that is free to wonder, to adventure, to discover that people, the world over, yearn for the feeling of spring year round! Well in Lake Chapala, spring has ever sprung! Vivid color, brilliant views, mystical temps, lavish times ahead! Many conclude that they magically stumbled into the lap of Lake Chapala. Listening to those that tell how they arrived in Chapala, to thrive at being alive, again as in the days of youth---they say that the Lake chose them, and that they were drawn in, like a child to a comforting bosom. Who is leading? Who is following? As the Spirit leads and we follow, we become a unit of divinity in motion. Into the divine dance of life we volunteer our hearts. The rhythm is magical as it reverberates cell to cell -- we swirl and twirl about --- landing in the arms of the One who calls us by name. "Come, follow Me" Completely surrendered to His will, Barbarito will gladly pursue her hobbies of dancing, kayaking, gardening, painting, and writing, in His timing, AMEN --- VIVA JALISCO ~ Mucho  EMOTIONADA!During winter Lake Chapala blossoms as the climate remains the same as a cool summer breeze. Thanks for the weather! There is magic in the bromide emitted from Lake Chapala!

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