Friday, March 4, 2016

FUN under Big Top

Growing up, it was a summer thrill to go to the Circus.  In the 1940's, in Europe, you could have been astonished to witness Maria Herzig walk a tight rope between sky scrapers. Maria is my mother, and when my dad from Arkansas
saw this lovely German girl, he brought her home to the USA, where she employed her bravado as the brave woman in the local summer Circus that was strapped to a cross while knives were thrown at her. The annual circus held in Ajijic is much more polished than what I experienced in my youth. It was exciting to introduce my husband Michael to the magnificient BIG TENT of CIRCO UNION as it was his first circus experience ever! Mike has a fascination with elephants. Before the show began,
I was happy to capture his thrill to walk beside the enormity of this jungle beast.  During the show they allowed kids from the audience to climb atop the elephant for a memorable picture. The multi-talented and multi-tasking clowns made all the young at heart laugh out loud and then oooh and ahhh when they changed costumes to fly across the canopy on the trapeze.  The Magician was fantastic, the Jugglers were amazing and the energy and the music was high!!! It is well worth the price of 100 pesos and better than ho hum TV at home!

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