Thursday, March 1, 2012


“What about crime in Mexico? What about healthcare? Positive thinking, or self-talk to FEEL awesome or safe DAILY ~ if that’s how I must live and work to enjoy my life, job or relationships I would require meds! According to Ecclesiastes ~ that kind of work meaningless! “like chasing the wind.” Living for God is to work joyfully for God. The stability that comes from that CHOICE is that I do not need a resume, nor do I need to compete for a position because I never really change employers. The confidence to speak up in a meeting or to work with graditude daily is not because of a mantra that "I am awesome", but it is because I KNOW God loves me and HE counts my contributions as eternally valuable!
My gifts, my time, my work is accepted by God as "well done"! God simply asks us to run with perseverance the race marked out for us (Heb. 12:1). The running or walking towards Lake Chapala to see what He has in store for me is to KNOW He walks with me and before me ~ and that is my reward. At times my race seems to get hectic ~ and then He reminds me that even if I can’t acquire His itinerary before hand, I am assured of a glorious finish line.

"The church bell awakens my praise
To the Lord who made all hills:
Here in Chapala, His sacred heart
Bekons me to do His will ~
With eyes to see and ears to hear
I hark to His part
To make the way to stay
And be His voice in the dark.

Though all the world offers a share,
With assured soul I'd deny
Any land, sea or lake as fair,
For none doth compare
To His plan that I ...
Should live in Chapala.

It was He that chose where I go,
A spot beloved as heaven ~
A land that lie twixt lake and trees,
Chapala tis the spot for me." Barbara Alley
"God gave all men all earth to love,
But, since our hearts are small
Ordained for each ~
one spot should prove,
Beloved over all;
That, as He watched Creation's birth,
So we, in godlike mood,
May of our love create our earth
And see that it is good....
Here through the strong and shadeless days
The tinkling silence thrills ~ " Rudyard Kipling

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