Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Moroccan Feast

. Jill & Sherree invited Jeff and Paul, Marv & Shelley, brothers Tom & Andy, Benito & Jilly and John to Jill & Rick's fantastic Bed & Breakfast for a Moroccan Feast. Barbarito's camera was extremely shy while snapping shots at this gala event as Jill's famous husband Rick the photographer was away on a photo shoot. These few flicks lack appropro aroma and color, but they must suffice! We all enjoyed swapping travel tales while tantalizing our taste buds with home made Baklava! Served on the upstairs patio overlooking the sea, the air was filled with sweet music, laughter and mucho AWE for the extravaganza! After savoring the best of Morocco, Paul gave Jill a five star rating with his best compliment to the host. Jill the hostess and her college bud Sherree were simply shining! On Saturday Jill walked 10 miles with hundreds of pilgrims to San Javier. The mission San Parras pictured below is halfway up to San Javier. It is the meeting place where tribes of the faithful shall gather to give thanks and pray for family members. Sherree was visiting Jill in Loreto for her seventh time from Santa Barbara. Our souls overflowed with unspeakable joy for the ambiance, the food, and Sherree's effervescent giggle and enormus hugs! After the feast Jilly Bean and Barbie stayed up digesting the event till the cock-a-doodle do warned us that dawn was approaching with more adventure ahead! The wind on Wed AM caused the Alleycat to brave the Sea anchored close to Cafe Islas where we enjoyed a fab breakfast Monday!

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