Thursday, November 26, 2009


Paul and Jeff were 2009's Thanksgiving Hosts. Entering their magnificient Hacienda was like stepping into a dream! The colors were absolutely breath snatching and the table was set with brilliant flair! Jeff explains the newest project while Paul sits with Tasha and Manja. Drew from Calgary brought a maestro mix of sound that hastened the tap of the toe and each guest brought a welcomed home spun traditional dish. BABARITO had too much Sangria to hold the camera steady, but this 30 second clip gives you a glimpse of glee enjoyed by all! Joyce and Jeff SUKASA mi CASA? Jilly Bean and Captain Benito with Barbarito, John and Monja!

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  1. Hola Barb...a reminder to mail my two letters. I read your blogs and find it interesting to read how someone else sees our life and adventures. Windy yesterday and looks like wind for a few days. Dean Baker from Stockton and La Paz called last night and he is on his way back to Stockton on Wednesday with his parents and wants an overnighter at Casa Benito..No Sunday we shall redress the beds and then at 3 p.m., 8 of us head to "1697" for a German dinner. Just what we need after last week......Always something going on while we plan our next adventure, whether on the water or at a dinner table....this time of year the dinner table seems to win.....Again, thanks for making time to come and enjoy Thanksgiving week with us. We enjoyed meeting John and think he is an A+.......Besos..Jilly