Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The 16th Edition of Pan-American games is an EVENT tailor made for professional PHOTO journalists! Lake Chapala is protected by the LIVING LAKES charter - also under the United Nations, Lake Chapala is a wet land protected by RAMSAR. Barb attended the the Summer Olympics in 1988 in Seoul, Korea as an Ambassador of Goodwill from the USA and remembers full well the amount of ECO boosting and press Seoul received! Purchasing tickets NOW to fly into GUAD is a SMART thing to do as the water sporting events begin on October 14, 2011. Direct flights to GUAD from LA PAZ are under $90.00 roundtrip. It is my hope that the famed photographer Richard Jackson of Loreto and my brother Captain Benito have the opportunity to CAPTURE on FILM this historical EVENT! The Pan-American games will be easy to attend as Barb's place, Casa De La Luz is within walking distance to Christiana Park which is the best seat for lakeside viewing and photography of this historical event! Guadalajara will be sizzling with athletes, tourists, media and a wealth of sporting events created by the Pan-American Games. Lake Chapala will be the site of the waterskiing events. Barb took photo's of the banners along the malecon boasting of this event in Chapala, but they were erased! Events of this magnitude present cities with an unprecedented opportunity to showcase themselves to a huge global audience. My hope is that you will be a part of the excitement and take home thrilling tales and photos!This will be the first time such a big sports event will be held in a city in the state of Jalisco! More than 5,000 athletes from approximately 42 countries across America and the Caribbean will be competing in Guadalajara. Sports will range from aquatics, to football, to racquetball to equestrian events with a confirmed total of 30 and another six being considered. With the celebration of the Pan American Games, Guad and Chapala have the unique opportunity to transform and
become a place that meets the new needs of citizens from around the globe. Chapala reaffirms its position in the world as a place that sees itself, not only at the core of the Mexican culture but, as a cosmopolitan city offering a higher quality of life to its residents and visitors. That's why today, we have a ever improving Chapala; a city that is being polished to give you the warmest welcome. POST game shopping to make Casa De La Luz ready to receive guests has been done. Bienvenidos a Chapala! Visitors need to reserve NOW to get a room and ticket. Come feel the proud enthusiasm for Chapala! A historical fishing village that has the lake that feeds Guadalarja water is the host to a wonderful WATER SPORT part of this historical event! Barb will do what it takes to attend! Official LINK on right - Barbara hopes to see you at this ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME EVENT! Elation and JOY are certain!


  1. AnonymousJuly 01, 2011

    I live in Tulum. I made the drive last fall form Austin to Merida in 4 days. Great drive easy to do and loads of fun. There were no safety issues at all! Having a large dog is the best travel partner while crossing the border! Mexicans are by nature afraid of large dogs, my lab is 120 lbs and all muscle and he freaked them out at first even though he would lick them before he ever bit. When Pedro stuck his big head out the window, all approaching the car stepped way back and just smiled. The Federales, local policia and Immigration were all nice and polite. Learn to say " AMIGO PERO" which means friendly dog. I run an expat service:

    Check it out. Lots of tips and great medical insurance advice. Embrace the change, it's all good. Your one of the lucky smart few getting out before it gets really bad. California is broke, and the economy will continue to spiral down -- over the next 2 years. Slowing it down in Mexico, we enjoy life here and yes its does cost less 30-40 % or more depending upon your needs or wants. I love Mexico's people, culture and weather! Everytime i return to the USA, sadly it feels less and less like home.
    I drove my friends car down from LA all the way last week, and it was even superior than my road trip last year!

  2. AnonymousJuly 15, 2011

    SAFETY FIRST no matter where you live!
    Chapala police department at 765-4444,
    local MP at 765-2415, or Jalisco state security at the 089 hotline. E-mail: