Friday, October 30, 2015


We are so thrilled to learn more about the Mexican culture, and how they perceive gringos who fail to greet strangers on the street with "Buenas Dias" (BD) .  Gringos are considered cold and rude if we fail to greet with a smile and a simple BD. It is also considered GOOD BREEDING while honoring your mother to say "Buen Provecho" to a table of strangers sitting next to you in a restaurant.  In a cafe the culture of Mexico will NEVER bring your tab to the table PRIOR
to your asking for the check.  To bring the check before you ask is like asking you to leave the restaurant. So do not be dismayed, simply ASK with a smile "La Cuenta, por favor." Also when gringos meetup with friends, people you see every week, hug them and say "Buenas Dias, Como Estas?" You greeted with a question "Good morning, how are you?" Their response will be "Bien gracias" or "Bien, Bien". When you depart as friends it is proper to say "Adios, Hasta Luego"
Which means "God be with you, see you later". In Mexico men and men, or men and women, or women and women greet each other with a hug and a kiss on the cheek .  Mexican men and women do NOT get jealous when you hug their mates, but they do think you unfriendly if you do not! ALSO the Mexican tradition of celebrating the dead has become somewhat Americanized.  Do not be alarmed by the "Katrina dolls" that line the malecon in Chapala during the last week of October.  The day of the dead Skeleton dolls are festively adorned to cause smiles while remembering loved ones that have died.  Passing out candy and wearing scary costumes is not the Mexican tradition. SHOP COURTEOUS: If you are in Guadalajara or in Chapala shopping and a clerk approaches say "Solamente estoy viendo, gracias"  You are politely saying "I am just looking, thank you".  If they speak in their native speed, which is often too fast for gringo comprehension, simply say "Despacio por favor, no hablo espanol muy bien"  You have asked graciously "Slowly please, I don't speak Spanish very well". It is wise to join LCS in Ajijic. Find LCS on corner of Septimbre and Cologne in Ajijic.The Lake Chapala Society of Expats offers great bus trips and Spanish classes. WELCOME to MEXICO! 

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