Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Our first anniversary trip to Loreto, Baja to visit my brother Ben at Casa Benito was fabulous!  Just one hour prior to picking Mike and I up at the airport, Ben and Eric had just returned ALIVE and SAFE from six days at Sea!  A solo swim from mainland Mexico to Loreto was attempted when the Sea of Cortez suddenly raged with 25 foot waves that nearly capsized the Alleycat!  Captain Benito returned to the Sea the following day to take Mike and I and the professional photographer Scott to Honeymoon Cove to snorkel. Mike snorkeled for the first time and cruised around with Ben in the dingy.  Saturday night we attended a fund raiser that benefits the youth of Loreto.  A grand five star hotel called La Mision is just two blocks from Casa Benito.  We dined with the crew of the solo swimmer and celebrated life with good food, fantastic music and dancing! Mike and I walked the stretch of the Sea on the new malecon and watched the sunrise and sunset on the Sea.  We laughed much and ate well with surpirse guests.  Norma and Ajay, Dena and Dale, Steven the Chaplain and Medic from San Francisco.  We will arrive in Chapala on Jan 1, 2014! 

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  1. Amos 5:13 and Amos 8:11 First and foremost, I am finally admitting that my life as I am living it is not
    effective for things that matter most. My choice to take a calm look and ask God what changes are needed caused me to REFLECT on His outstanding WAYS and His will to use me in ordinary, common surroundings among a variety of people.

    On my own I cannot respond to the special needs of my family. But with Christ, and by His grace and mercy I can accept the things I cannot change, and accept His blessings, regardless of my awareness or best intention. God is unseen, but His presence is ever available and truly tangible as I witness the sunsets, listen to the amazing stories that others tell, and marvel at the beauty in which I am immersed.

    Checklists get checked, tasks get done, errands get run, events get held. LIFE IS FULL every day. I wake, I breathe and I am loved by God, my husband, my son, and my family. RICHES beyond compare! "So what?"

    "Seek first the kingdom of God," says Jesus, "and God will take care of the basic stuff." My priorities are GOD FIRST, family second. Jesus commands that we DO NOT WORRY! Too many concerns about too many things doth shrivel up the fruit of the Spirit!

    Looking across the blogosphere, every day seems to be a slow news day. It's all been said. Nothing new under the Son? REALLY? I get inspired just knowing that GOD created all things, He gifted all people, and every human condition is NOT shocking to our King!

    Does my commentary make a difference or is it self -serving? Self-deceiving? Self-absorbed? Anyway, there are facebook pages, tweets, blogs, websites and other media that wrap words around each experience. My blog is a testimony to HOW GREAT GOD is, even while I attempt to capture experiences with words and photos. I certainly give thanks to GOD for giving me the inspiration to write, and for each photo of beauty shared. Peace be with all who read this! AMEN.