Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Great Church

An audio sample of Brother Bob's sermons is found on the right side of this blog.   LAKE CHAPALA BAPTIST CHURCH (LCBC) Address: 147 Santa Margarita, Riberas Del Pilar. Pastor Bob Hendrick is a great bible teacher.  Tuesday each week over 20 men and 10 women meet for Bible study at 10:00 AM.  It is a very friendly congregation. Join us Sunday morning at 11:00 AM, the pastor speaks Texan English.
The Mexican congreagation starts at 12:30 PM and it is in Spanish Check out the sermons online.  Off the Carretera (lakeside highway) across from Lakeside Medical Center.  TURN toward the mountain when you see the big Catholic Church with the bell on the Carretera which is near the 7-11 in the town of Riberas. The ladies of the church organize great trips to Guadalajara for shopping, to the zoo, and the beach.  Come join us!  Pastor Bob lives on campus and he makes the coffee each Sunday and he is the great man of God pictured in the middle. Click the link herein of a YOUTUBE featuring the humor appreciated during the Easter Play 2011


  1. What is the website for the church? Thank you.

  2. FIND the church on FACEBOOK. LCBC in Riberas

  3. Lake Chapala Baptist Church (LCBC) notes from a recent sermon located on the right panel of this blog post.