Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A Great Church

Little Chapel by the Lake is a non-denominational, Bible believing and teaching church. The basic faith is that Christians are called to be "ambassadors of reconciliation".  After Sunday service a light lunch is served and mingling is encouraged. Little Chapel "Guardian Angels" helps those who live alone and they offer an ear to hear and prayers for those who ask.  LOCATION: Right on the carretera just before or after San Antonio in Chula Vista.  You will be delighted by this very friendly congregation. Sunday service begins at 11:00 AM. Pastor Ken Armstrong speaks English and his background lends to a great
respect for those who have attended various other congregations.  One Little Chapel mission is to serve the community of San Juan Tecomatlan. A small pueblo located 10 miles North of Chapala on the way to Mezcala. Little Chapel supplies fresh water, clothing and food for 40 humble families there. APPRECIATED DONATIONS OF: Toothpaste, pet food, all sizes of shoes and socks, bed linens, bath or kitchen towels, used walkers, canes, chair cushions will be taken to San Juan Tecomatlan. A fun group of us participate in a weekly ministry called "Fun with Music" where a few of us, including a keyboard, travel around the lake to a number of different care homes to visit and bring joy to those who rarely get visited. You can also participate in a weekly bible study at the pastor's home.  These are notes from a recent study on Ephesians 6 Got Your Armor On? For more information on the background of our beloved Pastor Ken and his wife Dawn Armstrong, read the comments below this post.  You can reach the Pastor at  376-108-1861.  Associate Pastor Earl Schenck  331-637-0128. Off the Carretera (lakeside highway) across from TiCorp Insurance. in the city of Mirasol.  Our Lord is doing wonderful things through people that moved to Lakeside from all parts of the globe.  All denominations are welcome, and like any other church all volunteers are welcome. Ah, ya gotta just love RETIREMENT!


  1. What is the website for the church? Thank you.

  2. ABOUT Pastor Ken Armstrong: Pastor at Little Chapel By The Lake
    Former Mentoring Chaplain at Asante Three Rivers Medical Center
    Former Pastor~Counselor (Grief & Relationships) at InSpirit Fellowship
    Former Computer Instructor at Rogue Community College
    Former Executive Director/CEO at Habitat for Humanity
    Former Commissioned Officer at United States Coast Guard
    Studied at U.S. Coast Guard Officer Candidate School
    Former Federal Agent
    Lives in Chapala, Jalisco
    Married to Dawn Midori Kaneshiro Armstrong
    From Pasadena, California

  3. Pastor Ken Armstrong "The Third Commandment tells us not to take God's name in vain.

    What this verse actually says is that we must not call ourselves by God's name -- take His name as His people -- and then refuse to be changed into His likeness. (It might take some of us longer, but we should be working to let Him change us.) To refuse to become like Him would be to vainly call ourselves by His name.

    Here is a response I gave today to a question about how we respond to people who have seen people act hatefully in Jesus' name.

    This was my reply:

    The answer isn't an easy one.

    I'd frame it like this: There are men who would swear they love their wives. They prove how much they love them by smacking them around when they get out of line. This, they insist, is how a husband loves his wife. Nothing you can say will ever convince them otherwise.

    But no matter how fervently they believe, we know it's not really love they're expressing. It's some broken thing that finds its expression in cruelty.

    We would never think to say, "They are true lovers, so I reject love."

    In exactly the same way, there are people who use God's name as an excuse to vent their brokenness, their anger, their bigotry.

    Anyone who takes even a moment to observe or reflect on the true Jesus would recognize that He is not the source of hatred, bigotry, or violence.

    Just like counterfeit love, we know phoney Jesus when we see him. And just like we can't exactly define it, just like true love, we know True Jesus when we see him."

  4. Pastor Ken Armstrong quote: " James, who legalists love to quote because he said, "Faith without works is dead," also said at the beginning of the same letter that true religion is looking out for widows and orphans in their distress.

    So yes, there is "good religion," but no, it's not about heaping man-made laws and rules on top of God's word.

    James's notion that faith without works is dead has been said to be at odds with Paul, who said there is no condemnation for those in Christ.

    Paul said the same thing. A good tree will bear good fruit. This still doesn't give us permission to create layers of new rules to define a "true" Christian."