Sunday, January 18, 2009


Today I am greatful for: MUSIC
MY HOME in USA, MY CASA in Chapala, MY FRIENDS now, MY co-workers and for the enduring patience, kindness, understanding, and acceptance of those who know me and delight in my compulsive personality! My ability to see, hear and speak the truth. My awesome siblings and faith filled friends. I am blessed to have been born of such a unique madre... the orignial Momma Mia, and Auntie Mame! Mi madre has a passion and whimsy that matches Lucille Ball! At age 80 she still amazes me with her quest to seek, uncover and delight in all there is is love! My understanding of God. My aptitude for doubting and being proved wrong. My ability to communicate and encourage others. For my sista Mary who lives in Carefree, Arizona. Her life is a constant inspiration to make a wish list, to never doubt, and to be ever confident in who I am. For traffic control on the ground and in the air. For the amazing design of my body. For the ability and sacred blessing of being a mother. For my son Jason who makes me laugh, for his heart of gold, for his love of animals, for his loyalty to his friends. For the authors, singers, song writers who bless me. For the talent and time taken to construct the roads I travel. Adequate funds to pay my debts. A great job with ample opportunity to learn. For the gift and design of comfortable shoes. For my vision of a glorious future. For my hermano Captain Benito in Loreto who is my hero, my best friend, the one who inspired me to retire in Mexico, in a spot that fills my soul! For the wind, rain, fog, snow, sunshine and blue skies. For the free gift of grace, mercy and JOY that is ever present within me. For a mind that thinks and reasons. For the promises of God and that He is faithful. For traffic jams that teach me patience. For farm laborers and truck drivers who bring me food. For store clerks, bank tellers, and waiters who serve me. For diva girlfriends who include me, giggle, garden and love to shop!For the smiles, hugs and laughter shared. For all emotions and for cleansing tears. For the desire to serve and encourage others. For the desire to be obedient to the ways, wonders and words of God. For the acceptance and understanding of others. For the ability to make decisions and change my mind. For the TRUTH that sets me free to KNOW that NOTHING can separate me from the love of God and the passionate desires of my soul to live joyfully!

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    January 5, 2010

    Dear Barb - God went before thee
    His Spirit, His love, His trinity!

    God brought you to Chapala,
    He opened doors and hearts for ya,
    He prospered you beyond expectations
    He is pleased with your adorations!

    Graditude is an attitude
    of the mind, body and soul.

    Happy moments, praise God.
    Difficult moments, seek God.
    Quiet moments, worship God.
    Painful moments, trust God.
    Every moment, thank God...
    For Who He Is,
    For What He does,
    For How He loves thee,
    For His plans for thee!

    AMEN sister!