Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Love it, or Leave it!

Living in Mexico is not for everybody, but it is for me, a retired woman from California.  I hear some ex-pats complaining about the traffic, or the humidity, or the length of time it takes to get served a meal.  C’mon, really….the traffic is slower
because around lakeside we wobble along on cobblestones, and it is highly effective as it slows down the rat race pace! The humidity part? Get an air conditioner installed for $600 USA, or go walk around in Walmart or the Casino to cool down. Humidity should be adored for how moist it keeps a woman’s skin.  Ever notice the beautiful complexion of Mexican women?  Patience? The time spent in a cafe waiting for your food to arrive is called
dining!  When the food arrives it is freshly made, not something slammed on your plate with a waiter watching the time clock eager to bus the table and replace you with another tipper.  One must choose to NOT compare what was, to what is.  One must embrace the culture of Mexico and look for the
positive in it, or one must sensibly just go back to what feels at home.  It is best to NOT expect the rich Mexico culture to change to accommodate our comfort levels, but to go with the flow, which means that you cannot expect that CFE, Telmex or Telecable will arrive on time to fix your problem.  If one misses having their street cleaned by
the City, in exchange for higher taxes, then one should just visit Mexico on vacation instead of moving here.  What I came to love about the culture of Mexico is the people, and their determination to take care of their own.  Here in Mexico a woman or man aged 65-85 do not look for food stamps, or government aid to sustain their life here.  They get up every morning and sweep the sidewalk in front of their
home/business with a smile and a hope that today they will earn adequate funds to feast on the staples and/or maybe serve meat a few times a week.  Frida had polio, Frida had sever back injuries and Frida did not seek social security disability income!  Frida learned to paint in her bed because most of the time she was in severe pain.  You gotta love Mexico, or not…and if you do not…then just go back to where life suits your personal expectations with minimum complaints. 

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