Sunday, March 17, 2013


Make a Memory, and Make it Fun! Plan a surprise ride around lake Chapala, or plan an EVENT at the park! Pick up the orphans in a special decorated BUS and deliver to the park for a day with some GRINNING grand-parents! Refresh the hearts and minds of neglected grand folks left to die alone in elder care in Chapala! A FRESH NEW IDEA for the kiddos at the orphanage, HUG a CHILD and thrill those who have few visitors! GIVE EM a SMILE with a special playlist of IPOD Spanish songs to sing-a-long! Custom decorated with FIESTA frills to make the kids a great memory and to SHOW them that LIFE is full of GOOD PEOPLE who love them! Take a spin through the park and sharing spanish fairy tales of Prince OSOS. Also a unique CAB DRIVER MIGUEL will be glad to pick up those who want to TOUR down the malecon while the Mariachies twirl about and shout "BUENO"! Holding onto this VISION of a DAY in the PARK with JESUS smiling wide for a JOB WELL DONE! Mi casa su casa, is the same as saying "My house is His house" named Casa De La Luz, the house of Light, a place selected by JESUS, a home blessed by His presence! Halleluiah, God is Good! Exit the gate of Villa Santa Paula, and walk down three blocks, to Estacion to the Art Center at the historic Train Station in Chapala. Pick up the BUS and PRAISE Jesus for His plans and greet the day with gladness for each divine appointment. Without a VISION, people perish ~ and so this very real VISION keeps me ALIVE and THRIVING with great expectations for what the Lord will do! Picturing many kids HAPPY to see me whenever I pedal with intention to bless them with a chance to HOLD A VISION for themselves, maybe plant the SEED of HOPE in Jesus, His plan, and our priviledge to serve Him in Chapala!

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