Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Ask for WISDOM, FAVOR and ANNOINTING.  Our reverence, our enraptured AWE, our distilled awareness of His power ~ "being still, and knowing that Jesus is God" is how we experience His favor. Christmas time at Lakeside is magical!  My weak knees buckle and fall to the ground as I honor WHO God is, and His lavish favor for selecting Chapala, Jalisco Mexico as the place He wanted me to live as I continue to work for Him!   Seek God with ALL your heart, and with eager anticipation, expect His favor to delight you in surprising ways.   Having enthusiasm or dwelling in another word, ENTHEOS, is to be in the presence of God ~ Feel His silent, invisible holy presence and smile wide! Where can we go were He is not?  Go to the place WHERE God Almighty, Yaweh, Yashua, the rock of ages hangs your very midst, His Holy Spirit dwells right where you are.  Our Father Who art in heaven, holy is Thy Name, that Your kingdom is within, and that You take great pleasure in filling Your chosen beloved with FAVOR ~ HALLELUIA!  GO ahead and shout AMEN and give Him praise for His plan for those who actually ask ~ RECEIVE! ~ WHY? Because God is blessed by our consistent pursuit of His words, will and ways! Wisdom is supremely satisfying and our response to the call He placed on our souls, is His blessing, wisdom, and His annointing! Because of our passion for more of Christ, greater wisdom and certain understanding is poured into us. When we CLAIM the most prized treasure in the universe, we receive our reward in that instant! Holy insights, a word of knowledge, and pure revelation of His holy character keeps Him on the rightful throne of our hearts. Our God gives unmerited, unwarranted and unfathomable FAVOR to those who seek Him. SO SEEK and ASK and HE WILL DELIVER as He expands your capacity to receive all that He has planned to bless you with! AMEN ~

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