Thursday, July 29, 2010


MY awesome CO-WORKERS suggested today that in lieu of KEYS for CASH for a week in Lake Chapala, that my friends would be delighted to shop locally and purchase decorator items for the Casa De La Luz. Kinda like a bridal registry, but a NEW CASA registry, where the guest will have a quest while visiting Lake Chapala. Items needed can be found at Walmart in Lake Chapala, or from COSTCO in Guadalajara. Mexican style furnishings which will be enjoyed for years by family and friends that come to linger around the lake. Sojourners may choose to enjoy a three hour luxury ETN bus ride from Lake Chapala to a popular Puerto Vallarta beach for the day too! Each gift will remind Barbarito of her treasured USA Chicas! Light, love and JOY to all who wish to come and make themselves at home in a shared Hacienda of LIGHT. Blow up beds will be available until more luxury is afforded. Lounge in a leather chair near the fountain while sipping a margarita ~ MUCHO BUENO! Esquela for Spanish available by the MAGNIFICO locals! English said with a smile works!

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