Saturday, May 1, 2010


Mucho Gracias, Happy Thanksgiving 2009 in Loreto with Benito y Jilly! Their love, enthusiasm and generosity shall remain deeply appreciated. We were greeted on Sunday's arrival 11-22-09 with a planned BBQ of fresh Chocolatte Clams and Fresh Blue Shrimp - Locals gathered to welcome us with invitations to a Morrocan Feast and a Thanksgiving Roast! This cast of international friends included Paul, Jeff, Jill, and Sherrene! Casa Benito was filled with fantastic aromas, laughter and hugs as this society of appetite affeciendos planned an unforettable week of treats for all! It was indeed a grand adventure of family, friends, food and spectacular vistas! Sunday a BBQ with friends, Monday was a shopping day and dinner under a Palapya. Tuesday breakfast at Islas then Barbarito luxuriated at the local spa and Benito took John to Port Escondido. Tuesday night was a Morrocan Event at Jill y Ricks B & B. Wednesday we drove up to San Javier and had steak and lobster for dinner. Thursday John y Barb walked Loreto streets and then had a magnificient Thanksgiving Turket at Paul and Jeffs splendid Hacienda!

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    SATURDAY 11-28-09

    Hola Barb! Loved visiting with you and meeting John. He's a great guy and easy to be around. I guess you got everything straightened out at the airport regarding the tourist visa. Paul and Jeff called around 3:30 Friday and wanted us to come over and play some cards around the pool. Got home around 8:30, no dinner, just some leftovers, like pie, pecan tartlets and stuff like that. Ben left Saturday around 8:30 to take the boat back to Port Escondido and Paul, Jeff, and the dogs went with him. I'm meeting them at the Port to have lunch at Porta Bella restaurant (where we keep the boat) and bring them all back to Loreto. Jill went on the pilgrimage early this morning. Think I am fixing fresh fish fingers tonight for all of them. Luis stopped by the house yesterday and I replinshed the shrimp and fish. Still have lots of lobster. Tomorrow afternoon we have a group of 10 going to 1697 for their German dinner. Looking forward to that. Paul wants to do this mystery dinner before they head back to Virginia City for Christmas. We are planning a Valentines Party at their place. It never ends.....Thank you again for the monthly planner. It's our record for expenses and what's due! The bird loves its place. Think we will name it "Paco". Fits right in, the Spanish word for bird is "pajaro"....Again, glad to have you visit and meet John. We sure did an awful lot in a short time frame. Ben and I slept like logs last night. Even Lucy was ready to hit the sack. Enjoy your day off! Besos Jill